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The fullness of women is not always a vice

Understanding the depth of my extraordinaryLuck came to me quite recently. With the sadly offended words of my best friend Elena. Adding after birth about 30 kilograms (and this, meanwhile, more than half of her former weight), she was constantly in a state of repressed oppression by the outside world, clearly created for people with dimensions ranging from "micro" to "very micro." And then one day, barely balancing on a stool in my narrow-in-the-hip kitchenette, she could not stand it.

"I do not understand," Lena said through her teeth, barely restraining herself, "how can you so chirp and enjoy life at a weight of almost a centner?" Does not that scare you at all? "

We talked for a long time that night. I listened to Lencino whining and very sorry for her. But not because she is so unhappy because of its completeness. But because she does not understand her advantage and does not know how to use it. When Lena left, I sat at the desk and took a pen. And I wrote this article.

Three postulates on which the world is held

1. Full woman Always beautiful
Look closely at how calm andEvery complete woman is at peace. How she keeps! Her movements are slow, smooth, full of dignity. It radiates with pride and confidence. Of course, because she does not need to do at least two things that take a lot of time and effort and deprive any woman of emotional balance: 1) to try to catch up with fashion - we simply can not afford to be like others; 2) limit yourself to cruel diets and swallow saliva in front of showcases of pastry shops. Moreover, under the pressure of the thick layer of our "chocolate", any wrinkles recede. And approximately up to those time boundaries, when they will not be so worried about us.

2. A fat woman is always smart
Of course, because the time that the rest, less thanWeighty girls spend in useless and sometimes even stultifying running around, the full woman gives books to reading, participation in scholarly debates and discussions, sometimes even playing and learning foreign languages. She simply has no choice. Some even reach the point of writing doctoral dissertations - I think, solely for the reason of never being overweight.

3. It's easier for a woman to get married
For many years watching men, I came toConclusion: their vision has one feature, infinitely advantageous for us - it is scattered. That is roughly the way: a man walks down the street, staring unequivocally at the show-window of the tobacco store, and sees around him twenty different women. And even if one of them succeeds in taming it by chance, then where are the guarantees? He, after walking next to her, will see twenty others. And who knows ... But then she appears - a full woman. The man will turn to the left - she, and to the right looks - she. All eclipsing absolutely and completely. And then look narrowly, do not look closely - and beautiful, and clever, and most importantly - an unusual one! Then he understands: She, finally She!

And that's all. We do not even have to do anything, just choose the most-most - and in the registrar. Or in the Canary Islands, this is what you like more.

Well, now, realizing your ownExcellence, you can safely go to the street, to the store, to the market. Proudly he lifted his chin and elegantly played with his handbag. After all, they are those, other women, they look somehow ridiculous, but in our hands they are quickly squeezed to the size of a little of their ladies.

Well, if a full woman is going to update her wardrobe, then for this there are thick tricks.

3 practical tips on how to behave in the store:
  • Do not listen to those who say: "It will not be enough for you," and start measuring from the largest size: it's better to "drown" five times than to lose something one time.
  • Do not buy something that you knowingly little, but, according to the seller, "stretched" or "carried". If truth spreads, it will lose its form. And if at all it will not be stretched?
  • Do not even take a superfashionable thing, if it does not suit you - you do not want to look ridiculous?
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