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Makeup Tips on Makeup

1. The first advice is about eye makeup. If at hand there was no carcass, giving volume, you can use ordinary loose powder. Sprinkle eyelashes powder, then apply mascara - eyelashes will appear more dense and fluffy. In order to make the look open and radiant, I suggest using the white pearly shadows, which are applied to the inner corner of the eye, on the upper and lower eyelid in the form of the letter V.

2. To quickly fix the makeup before the evening meeting, use a moistened paper napkin. It is necessary to blot her face, thereby removing the top layer of dust accumulated during the day. After that, you can lightly powder, avoiding several layers, so as not to create a mask on your face. To add mascara during the day, I do not advise - in this case, by the evening it is likely to begin to crumble.

3. Daytime make-up of a business woman should be energetic. This can be achieved with the help of lipstick. In the office I recommend using matte lipsticks of bright shades, from carrot to plum. They perfectly complement business suits and give the business lady a more feminine look. Before the evening event, matte lipstick can be applied lip gloss, which will make the image less formal.

4. To make the makeup look like it was just done for a long time, apply a foundation directly on the cleansed skin without using, as usual, a make-up base. Then powder and apply blush. And now you need to take three ice cubes and walk them through the whole face with energetic circular motions. Do not be afraid to smear make-up - each cube is used only until it starts to melt.

5. Sluggish, tired skin can be cheered up before applying makeup on it. To do this, mix lemon juice with water so that the juice was slightly less than water. The effect after the application of such a tonic is comparable with the action of expensive lifting agents. To make your eyes shine, place a red tiny dot in the corner of your eye. For this you need only a brush and lipstick. But, I repeat, the point should be very small.

6. Often we have to deal with such a problem as the instability of decorative cosmetics, so that any, even professional, make-up can trite "swim". I recommend using a special makeup on wax and silicone, which will last a long time and will not fail either in daily life or at a party.

7. I will share some secrets of the stability of makeup: draw your eyes with a pencil better after applying a foundation and powder on your eyelids, then you can once again powder the pencil line or apply eye shadows of the same color, thereby fixing a pencil. On the lips I recommend to apply a thin layer of foundation or powder, then trail along the contour in pencil and then add lipstick with a brush. To lipstick as long as possible kept on lips, I advise to get wet lips with a paper napkin and to repeat all anew.

8. It is important not to forget the simplest rules: a foundation is applied a thin layer on the whole surface of the face, including the eyelids, the area of ​​the lower jaw angle and the upper third of the neck. The coating should not be cut off unexpectedly, it is carefully shaded around the edges, reducing it to nothing.

If there is no special concealer availableBruises under the eyes, we will be helped again by a foundation cream: gently with a brush it is applied to a dark area and with the pads of the fingers it is shaded from the bottom upwards by tangent movements. Next, the foundation is fixed with loose powder, finally leveling it in color and hiding too obvious pores and other relief unnecessary things from the surrounding people. To make the foundation cream lie flattened and less visible on the skin, you can mix it with any moisturizing face cream in a 3: 2 ratio.

9. Prescribe zygomatic cavities with powdered tan and apply blush. Tip: first brush with your hand, shaking off excess blush in this way - a guarantee that there will be no stains from blush. With the help of light ivory shadows, draw a straight, thin line along the back of the nose, and if the nose needs to be shortened, then this line should end, not reaching the tip of the nose by about a centimeter. To give even more freshness to the face, touch the wings of the nose, earlobes and chin with a blush. And most importantly, do not for one second doubt your own irresistibility.

10. This secret is based on the use of the principles of vector cross-section. You need to focus on three strictly defined points of the face. The first point is on the inner surface of the sub-barren space. Here in this place it is necessary to put a blush from the base of the eyebrow to its highest point. The next "strategically" important point of the face is the cheekbone and the subculture space. It also needs to be touched with blush. And, finally, the upper lip is formed clearly parallel to the eyebrow line from its origin to its highest point. Accents arranged on the face, visually form a rhombus. The face is visually pulled up, becomes younger and brighter. Any woman who has mastered this technique, can become a beauty without the help of any other means, using only blush and lipstick.

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