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Dry hair - what to do

The main thing: Do not try to treat the symptoms with expensive drugs, naively believing that if, for example, you spend one-third of your salary on anti-cellulite cream, you can no longer worry about the nasty "crust." Instead of these spontaneous methods, better watch yourself constantly, then health will not present unpleasant surprises.

Curious is the fact that today the woman is readySpend a considerable amount of money to improve the condition of dry hair from nature. She will buy an expensive shampoo, make a couple of masks and will continue to etch them with paint or mercilessly, combing hard in the morning. Meanwhile, it's much easier to stick to a few simple recommendations. After all, even the most dry and thin hair can be strengthened, giving them a healthy appearance.

Often the cause of dry hair becomesImproper care for them: excessive passion for hot hair drier, frequent staining with perhydrol fixer, rough combing. Hair can also be weakened by increased solar activity or by constant dry wind. However, more often the owner of a sparse head of hair is to blame. She does not follow the thin natural hair and they change their structure and split. Further - worse. So let's stop and get treatment for what else you can save.

First, if your hair is dry and thin,Wash them once every two weeks, if you really need - in ten days. In general, the less often, the better. This does not mean that you need to walk with a "fat" head, but it does not get so dirty very quickly, does it?
Secondly, to wash your head, useShampoo creams containing biologically active substances. These include lecithin, vitamin B5, mint extract, chamomile and lime color. In addition, before washing the hair, it is not superfluous to rub some of the mixtures into the scalp.

For example, an hour before washing your head, heat a mixture of olive and castor oil (1: 1), add one yolk. Composition slowly, massaging movements rub into the scalp.

Also you can cook for strengthening hairAnd improve the condition of the scalp the following composition. Day, insist 75 g of fresh crushed burdock roots in 200 g of almond or sunflower oil. Then, stirring frequently, cook the tincture on low heat for 15 minutes. Strain, pour into a jar and rub an hour before washing into the scalp.

Third, dye your hair very, very muchCarefully, do not overdo it with paints. Use better tonics, even better - minimize staining. Believe me: where is better beautiful healthy hair of natural coloring than a rare hair color "vyrviglaz."

Fourthly, if the hair is very dry, and the meansFrom the pharmacy is not too helpful, use a simple folk recipe. Apply to washed, still damp hair whipped yolk and egg whites together or one yolk with a little water. Rinse hair with plain water and rinse with acid.

Also, you can make hair more dense and healthy, using one of the following simple recipes.

Eat into the scalp a warm curdled milk,Put on a shower cap and after half an hour, once again rub the yogurt. Wash your head, dry your hair. The effect will not keep you waiting. Mix flaxseed oil with vodka (1: 1) and rub into the head for 10 minutes in smooth circular motions. Wrap your head with a towel and keep it warm for half an hour. Instead of vodka and linseed oil, you can use a mixture of castor and burdock oil (1: 1).

Fifthly, a very important factor affectingThe condition of the hair, is a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. Therefore do not neglect the vitamins, do not get carried away by rigid diets and annually include in your diet protein foods. Then not only your hair will be healthy and beautiful.

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