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False nails - self-instruction manual

For today the most popular kind of invoicesNails are plastic, which can be transparent or have a milky shade. Their main advantage is durability. Plastic nails can be used for a long time, while they will remain durable. In addition, you can fully experiment with flowers, as the false nails do not lose their original appearance, and the varnish on them lasts longer than on your own nails. And with the help of such simple instruments as a saw blade and tweezers, you can give the nails the necessary shape. For example, if you have round-shaped nails, I bet you always wanted to be a bit like square ones.

The nail set usually consists of 10 nailsPlates for manicure. In terms of size and contours, these plates fully correspond to the natural nail. It is worth noting that the procedure for manicure using false nails is longer than with conventional ones.

In addition to the set of nails, stock up a tube of special glue and carefully read the instruction of the correct application and painless removal of artificial nails.

Of course, in order to overhead nailsIdeally lay down on your own lice, you need to work a little. Before gluing, soften the artificial nails by laying them for several minutes in hot water, and then use the tweezers to cut off the excess edge, creating the desired length and shape of the nail. Then the edge should be filed with a nail file. After treatment with a disinfectant, the nails can be glued. Natural nails should also be prepared: they should not have a trace of decorative varnish. Lubricate the surface of the natural nail with glue, place an artificial nail on top, and then fix for 1-2 minutes with small pads of the thumb and index finger. After the glue dries, you can proceed to the manicure by applying a decorative varnish and a fixative to the artificial nails.

By the way, if you do not want to mess with glutinousProcedures, try using false nails with adhesive strips. They are quickly pasted and fixed securely. False nails with adhesive strips are already covered with base lacquer and any tonal varnish is well applied on them, however, it should not contain acetone. Such false nails are sold complete with sticky plates.

Do not forget about several important rules for using false nails:

- do not use them in case of irritation and allergic reaction;
- Wear protective gloves when handling detergents;
- means for removing varnish should not contain acetone, so as not to dissolve the nails;
- Do not apply nails to infection of the nails or in case they have an increased sensitivity;
- keep false nails away from heat and open flame;
- Do not wear false nails more than 48 hours. Natural nails require at least 12 hours rest between consecutive applications of false nails.

In order to remove false nails, placeHands in warm water. Then the glue will dissolve, and the nails can be removed without effort. Pull the artificial nail behind the tip in the direction "from the bottom". Remains of glue from their nails remove the liquid to remove varnish. Do not forget to use strengthening means for nails, so that they do not become brittle and discolored.
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