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Which sunscreen is better

Long exposure to the sun can bringMuch more harm than good. In pursuit of a beautiful bronze tan, one should not forget about the possibility of getting a sunburn, as well as photo-aging processes that occur under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Sun rays penetrate into the lower layers of the epidermis, where they destroy collagen and elastin fibers. And it is this solar effect that leads to the premature appearance of wrinkles.

This is especially true in our ageOzone holes, global warming and increase of radiation activity of the sun. Hard ultraviolet comes, and now even in the middle band of Russia it is recommended to use sunscreen cosmetics. Moreover, sunscreens, which initially have only the function of protection from sunburn, now combine the properties of creams for daily use and skin care. To begin with, let's define what means for tanning is offered to us by the modern beauty industry, and what we really need from this and what is not very.

Suntan cream. This is the main sunscreen thatCan be recommended to everyone without exception. The skin applied to the skin forms a film that is a filter for hazardous radiation and attenuates the effect of the sun tens of times.

Suntan oil. Helps to acquire a quick even tan,While moisturizing the skin. Suntan oil in its composition contains protective components from all types of solar radiation, but it acts weaker than the cream.

Sunblock for face. Delicate and sensitive facial skin most oftenIt is exposed to sunlight, so it needs special protection. Sunscreen for the face softens and nourishes the skin, tones it and sates with vitamins. In summer it is desirable to use it not only on the beach, but also apply under make-up.

After sunburn. As the name implies, it is desirableUse after sunbathing. Thanks to special ingredients, it secures and prolongs the tan, removes redness and moisturizes the skin irritated by the sun. The product after sunburn can be replaced with a simple moisturizer.

Spray after sunburn. It has a pleasant cooling effect,Moisturizes the skin, gives a feeling of freshness and softness, has a soothing effect. However, this tool is not necessary, and you can do without it.

Cream for sunburn. But this is really an indispensable toolFor holidaymakers and travelers. Forget about the grandmother's remedies for sunburn - kefir, sour cream and cucumber peel. The cream from sunburn instantly removes inflammation, burning and greatly accelerates the processes of skin regeneration.

Level of sun protection

The effectiveness of any sunscreenIt is accepted to measure in units of SPF (sun protection factor - sun protection factor). If on the package of a face cream you will find the abbreviation SPF - you can be sure that the cream has a sunscreen effect. The figure after the SPF sign means how many times you can increase the time of sunbathing, if you use the tool.

For example, if the first redness on your skinAppears after half an hour of exposure to the sun, then theoretically, when using SPF 10 cream, you can increase this time tenfold, that is, up to five hours of active sunburn. What practically we can not recommend in any way. And this effect is achieved due to special additives that are part of the sunscreen. Such as the tiniest powder of titanium dioxide, which reflects ultraviolet, acting like millions of microscopic mirrors.

The SPF level ranges from 2 to 50. SPF 2 - is the weakest degree of protection, delays 50% of the most harmful ultraviolet - UV-B. The most popular products are SPF 10-15, ideally suited for normal skin. The maximum level of protection is provided by means of SPF 50 - they delay 98% of harmful rays.

Now - the most interesting. It turns out that cosmetologists around the world in their work have long used the table of Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick to determine the skin type of the patient, otherwise - a phototype that is determined by the activity of melanocytes. Melanocytes are skin cells responsible for the synthesis of melanin, a pigment that protects the skin from sunburn and gives the tanned skin bronze color.

The scale of Fitzpatrick provides for six phototypes. The last two we will not consider, since their representatives are mainly found in Africa and other hot countries. And among us, Europeans, there are only the first four phototypes. Determine your "sunny" type is not at all difficult, we propose to do it right now, and at the same time choose the most suitable sunscreen.

I type: Very light sensitive skin, blue or green eyes, light or red hair, freckles. This skin is contraindicated stay under direct sunlight, as it immediately burns. For protection, use the most powerful sunscreen with the mark "for sensitive skin": during the first days of sun exposure SPF 40+, then - SPF 30. The oil for intensive sunburn is contraindicated!

II type: Light skin, blue or brown eyes, light or red hair, freckles. The skin of this phototype can tan, but to not get a burn, it is necessary to accustom it to the sun's rays gradually. On the beach it is better to use water-resistant products: the first days - SPF 30, later - SPF 15.

III type: Fair skin, dark eyes, chestnut or light brown hair. This is the most common phototype in our country. Its representatives sunbathe easily and quickly, often bypassing the uncomfortable stage of redness of the skin. This skin is not afraid of the mid-latitude sun, but the scorching heat of the south is dangerous to it. The first days in the sun, you need to use means with a protection factor of at least SPF 15, later - SPF 8-10.

IV type: Dark skin, black hair, dark brown eyes, there are no freckles. Representatives of this phototype sunbathe quickly and easily, never scorching in the sun. And although such skin does not give the owners the trouble associated with sunburn, it still needs to be protected from photoaging by means marked "for the swarthy skin", which will moisten it and make it even more beautiful. Even if the skin is clearly and does not protest against a long stay in the sun, to protect against photoaging it is desirable to use sunscreen SPF 6-8.

Rules for using sunscreen productsAre quite simple. Apply sunblock 15-20 minutes before going to the beach. Do not feel sorry for the cream - its consumption should be about 4 tablespoons for the whole body. In the early days, use tools with a higher protection index, then reduce it. Sunscreens are washed off, blurred and weathered, so do not forget to update the cream layer every two hours. Do not sunbathe in the sun. And do not forget to use the "after-sun" products that will strengthen the tan on your skin.

Gentle sun and even tan!
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