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How to apply makeup to hide signs of fatigue

1. From fatigue - tea lotion

To "revive" the sleepy and calm the inflamedEyes - before applying cosmetics make a tea lotion. Also, it will save you from the feeling of "dust in your eyes", and they will not be annoyed by light and wind.

2. Moisturize the skin around the eyes

A special moisturizer quickly saturates the skin and reflects light, making it look healthier. Also the cream smoothes fine wrinkles.

3. Remove the redness

Eyelids, penciled in pale pastelColors, will help us visually to give a "fresh" look to the person. Do not use the piping of a dark color - it will only draw attention to the swelling. Natural way to hide the redness of the skin color.

A pencil of light blue in the inner century will subtly neutralize dull red eyes.

4. Hide the circles under the eyes

Masking agent for the eye area,Should differ in texture from a similar agent for the face. Give preference to a light and creamy consistency, because anything hard and dry instantly makes your eyes grow tired. Choose a yellowish color, a tone lighter than your skin. Apply it to the area under the eyes and where the shadow lies. To do this, tilt the head slightly down, which will allow you to see what other places need correction.

5. Tighten the eyelashes

You can use special forcepsFor curling eyelashes or waterproof mascara, which will keep the shape longer. Do not forget about the white shadows under the eyebrows and in the inner corners of the eyes, so that the look becomes open and more expressive! To finish the make-up of the eyes, it is possible with a light translucent powder applied under the lower eyelid. This will help to avoid the appearance of black marks from the carcass on the lower eyelashes.

6. Rosy pink shade

As a rule, the pink color of the rouge enlivens the face andMakes you younger. After a sleepless night, you can not do without them. And if you do not like to use blushers of this tone, then, as an option and a fashionable shade of this summer - peach.
So, armed with all of the aboveTricks, you will look rested and asleep. But do not forget that our body needs rest. And a healthy dream is the best way to look gorgeous without any disguises!

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