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Oily hair - special care

Of all the procedures, the most important, of course,Is a head wash that performs hygienic and cosmetic functions. The frequency of washing the head depends entirely on personal need and varies from everyday to once in 8-10 days. Of course, greasy hair requires washing once a day or two. Use for this you need only special soft shampoos designed for oily hair. Make this choice is easy: carefully read the description on the package, compare the characteristics. If you were able to choose the right shampoo, your hair will be clean, without fat, after drying, they will shine, comb well, and the scalp will be without irritation. By the way, if you choose the right shampoo, you can use it constantly, since the statement that you need to constantly change shampoos to maintain a beautiful and healthy kind of hair is nothing more than a myth. It should be remembered that in order to wash your head, in no case does soap fit, which supposedly contains greasy hair for a longer time. In fact, it completely destroys the protective water-lipid emulsion film from both hair and scalp. The hair after such washing becomes excessively dry, damaged, less combed, becomes duller.

Now about the technique of washing the head. Do not wash your hair with too hot or cold water: 35-45 degrees - the optimum temperature. The fatter the hair, the cooler the water should be. Shampoo should be applied to damp hair, slowly rub it into the scalp, and only wash the hair with a formed foam, while trying not to rub them strongly against each other, so as not to damage the core and the cuticle of the hair. It is necessary to soap the hair twice to enhance the healing and cleansing effect of the shampoo.

Of course, simple washing your head while caring forFatty hair is not enough. To care for them, it is recommended to use decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs. Also try using alcohol preparations from medicinal plants. Alcohol tinctures are rubbed into the scalp with a cotton swab. In this case, several factors influence the site of application of the preparation: biologically active substances of plants and alcohol allow to remove excess fat from the hair and scalp, and rubbing, similar to massage, improves blood circulation in the skin. The most powerful effect is produced by the following plants: aloe, or a century-old, calendula, Japanese sophora, field horsetail.

Also, do not abuse all kinds ofSweets, spices. Try to exclude from the diet of smoked products, canned food and coffee, replace animal fats with vegetable oils. Since oily scalp is most often caused by an incorrect metabolism, start with the organization of a balanced diet saturated with vitamins and trace elements. You should include vegetables and fruits, dairy products in the menu. From time to time, add porridge (for example, oatmeal) to the diet, which contain, in addition to vitamins, also salts of silicon, sulfur, as well as trace elements such as cobalt and copper.

Care for oily hair is simple enough, but it must be regular and complex.


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