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Secrets of beauty and health: four effective rules

Preservation of youth and attractiveness -The eternal feminine aspiration. Cosmetic injections, novelties of plastic surgery, dietary nutritional supplements are gaining popularity. Meanwhile, the foundations of a healthy lifestyle will help achieve the desired result without costly and painful procedures. The first rule is a strong and full night's sleep. The body will be able to restore the lost strength, make up energy and prepare for the day's work.

Maintaining the tone of the body is no less important: an uncomplicated warm-up in the morning and a straight posture during the day - a pledge of the proper operation of the cardiovascular system and the musculoskeletal system.

Skin care is the third basic principle. Particular attention should be paid to deep peeling-cleansing with fruit or glycolic acids, as well as high-quality moistening with intensive serums.

The power mode will help to establish the functionsGastrointestinal tract, improve the condition of hair, nails and skin. The rules are simple: small portions of food, short breaks between meals and one and a half liters of clean water during the day.

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