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Bliq Pen Whitening Pencil - what is good and what is dangerous?

Pencils for teeth whitening or, as theirNow fashionable to call, stick - at one point they became very popular goods. This is not surprising, white teeth - a symbol of health and happiness, only one problem: how safe and effective are the teeth whitening pencils? And what hidden pitfalls can emerge after their use?

In this article we will consider bleaching pencils and their properties on the example of one of them - perhaps the most popular pencil - Bliq From Vanessa.
In fact, the composition of pencils forTeeth whitening is almost all identical, only the packaging and sometimes perfume / additives vary. Pencil Bliq From Vanessa has gained its popular popularity not only thanks to advertising, but also because it competently combines a democratic price, good quality and a decent result.
In general, it should be said that teeth whitening pencils have a lot of pluses, the first that comes to mind is:
  • They are easy to use;
  • All can be done at home - you do not need to go to the dentist and listen to him, that you do not brush your teeth properly and you have yellowed the top seven;
  • Pencils are much cheaper than dental whitening.

You ask, but what about the result?

Pencil Bliq Pen, like most otherMeans for teeth whitening, acts due to the properties of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide. When applied to the teeth, they react with oxygen and destroy the plaque formed on the teeth. Thus, it is possible to achieve lightening of the color of the teeth by 2-4 tones, which is considered optimal and safe.
The concentration of these substances usually does not exceed10-15%, but be careful - in no case the composition can not be left on the teeth for longer than the required time, it can lead to the appearance of sensitivity of the teeth. However, to smooth out the aggressive effects, the composition includes other mineralizing additives that strengthen the tooth enamel.
Bliq Pen whitening pencil is made inKorea according to the quality standard for the Russian Federation and the EU countries. Be sure to pay attention to this when buying whitening products, since many of the bottoms are produced in China without permits.

Reviews about Bliq Pen

The Internet is good because everyone here can express their personal opinion and share their experience. Here are some comments about using Bliq pencil in open sources (forums, instagram):
Vera-wow: "I ordered and was afraid to use, suddenly my teethWill fall out))) then when my girlfriend whitened their teeth to them, I also decided. And you know - nothing bad happened, teeth did not ache and the truth became whiter somewhere in a week "
Katerinka: "People with plastic snow-white smiles are straight at me, as if they have prostheses, but that's why I did not want to go for equipment whitening, so I was sooo happy that after the pencil Bliq Pen Teeth have acquired a natural white color! "
Djidaya: "...full title Bliq Pen From Vanessa - here it is straight steep, I bleached it twice withAn interval of 1.5 months. The smell is just a little strange, but after the third application it is already clear that the tone is lighter. As much as possible I was able to whiten by 3-4 tones, this is already visually very visible. "
More reviews you can read in This blog.
Important when using a Bliq Pen pencilLimit the consumption of products with coloring pigments (grapes, beets, coffee, tea, wine, blueberries, any food and sweets of unnatural flowers, that is, with dyes), and also to refrain from smoking, since tobacco quickly covers the teeth with a yellow coating.
So, let's sum up - what are the advantages of using Bliq Pen's teeth whitening pencil?
  1. Natural result and bleaching at 2-4 tone.
  2. Smooth gentle whitening for 10 days.
  3. No extra costs.
  4. The procedure is carried out at home.
For more information, please contact Official website of Bliq Pen.
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