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Sports outfit and woman: beauty VS health

Comfortable and beautiful sportswearYou need any representative of the fair sex, regardless of whether she is a professional sportsman or go to the gym from time to time to adjust the figure and be in good shape.

Obviously, going to the gym involvesThe presence of certain clothes and shoes, but for women this is doubly important - I want to look decent plus the most comfortable exercise, burning extra fat and strengthening muscles. How to choose the best sportswear - comfortable and at the same time stylish?

The basis

The basis of sportswear - Special lingerie. In the female version - this is a sports bra, which can be of three kinds:
  • Tops with a mild degree of support, recommended for yoga or pilates, as well as callanetics;
  • With an average degree of fixation, suitable for active exercises on the simulators, running, aerobics;
  • With a rigid fixation for a very high activity of insanity, tai-bo, capoeira, other martial arts.
Panties should correspond to the level of activityExercise with good freedom of movement: tanga or slips to maintain muscle tone and temperature. In either of these options, you should feel the lack of linen.
Do not forget about socks, which should be seamless and synthetic (for draining moisture from the feet).

T-shirts, skirts and a suit

The right choice of T-shirts or T-shirts in pairsWith a skirt, shorts, hybrids (shorts-skirt) or trousers, leggings, leggings. The main thing is that the sports wardrobe is chosen so that during the classes you think only about the exercises, not how you are dressed and whether it hides the accumulated problems.
If you are very shy, then put on the gymFree sports pants and a T-shirt. If you are a girl of the "plus" size, then we recommend not to be shy about your beautiful body and dress the way you want. Remember - today in fashion women's figures "in the body" - it is considered beautiful and feminine. Although a little pumping muscles will not hurt any beauty.
It looks great on a woman and at the same time, compression clothing (pants, breeches, shorts, etc.) effectively burns fat.
If you want to wear a tracksuit -Wear it, just remember that it's clothes, rather, for outdoor activities, and not in the gym, although in terms of sweating and burning fat, a normal sports suit will do you a good service. In this case, it is necessary to remember the correct dosage of the load, so that the lessons do not turn into torture, although of course, you can always take off your jacket and stay in one pants, so as not to get a heat stroke.
Suits come in different materials: Velor, knitwear, cotton, polyester, elastane, lycra. For different kinds of sports different suits are made. Which one to choose for you, decide for yourself! Many athletes use compression clothing (rashgard), try and you, perhaps, this is what you need for comfortable sports.


The most important component of sports equipmentIs the fabric from which the clothes are made. Any kind of sportswear should be entirely of synthetic fabric or with its addition - lycra, polyester and others.
Cotton, silk, linen are not suitable for sportsOccupations in the hall, because they quickly accumulate moisture, and as a result, wet spots appear on clothing, which is unacceptable for a woman, both in aesthetic and in physiological terms. In addition, natural fabrics necessarily lead to rubbing the skin, which should not be allowed because of the possibility to pick up skin infections, which, in turn, can lead to allergic reactions.
Ideal for sports activities Synthetic fabric Of several components, each of whichPerforms its role: it transmits moisture and air, works as a thermostat, keeps its shape perfectly, when it gets wet it does not change color and dries quickly, does not rub the problem zones, it is well washed and does not spoil from frequent washing, and does not miss the smell of sweat.


If the classes take place in the gym,It is necessary to have special gloves, as contact with dumbbells or handles of the simulators can lead to the formation of calluses, although this is not necessary if you are not going to become a record holder and your training is not as intense as that of professionals.
Fabric bandage on the forehead will help preserveHair and protect your eyes from sweat. You can use special knee pads and elbow pads, but these items are only needed in certain cases and are not necessary for normal occupations in the gym.


Shoes for sports must beMatch the size of the foot and be designed specifically for the gym, and not for crossing cross-country terrain. The main function of footwear for sports is to promote the ventilation of the legs and to give the foot the right comfortable position, that's why for different activities you need to have different types of shoes: for running - track and field sneakers, For simulators - conventional sneakers, For martial arts - Special shoes or vice versa, its absence. For classes Gymnastics Suitable Czechs. Someone likes to practice in ordinary slaps - Vietnamese, although it's completely unsportsmanlike shoes, or barefoot.
Sports shoes should be made ofNatural materials are usually cotton and leather. Rubber or plastic soles should be separated from the foot insole of natural material with the addition of synthetics, which will help the ventilation and hide the unpleasant odor.

What not to wear

It is not recommended to go to the gym in massiveDecorations and "combat" coloring. Long hair is better to put in a bundle or braid in a pigtail. Remember that you came to training, so clothes should be comfortable, not too open or tight to restrain movements. Do not wear metallic clothes, chains and other decorations for beauty, as well as hard items that can rub or damage the skin on sports clothing.
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