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Mineral Cosmetics

Fatty, porous and combination skinWash with a mineral water with a high content of salts: it helps to narrow the pores and reduce the greasy sheen. Ground low mineralized water perfectly tones and softens normal or dry skin.
If you use mineral water "BorjomiClassic "," Svalyava "," Mirgorodskaya "," Narzan "," Yessentuki "for washing, this will help to solve a lot of skin problems .After taking off makeup, mineral water can become a good tonic that will help to prevent stretching of the skin.
1. Washing with mineral water. If daily washed with mineral water, then you can forget about dryness and flaking of the skin.
2. Mineral ice cubes. To narrow the blood vessels, pores, you can wash yourself,Wipe the face with ice cubes, prepared from mineral water. From ice massage, facial muscles contract and strengthen. The trained muscles support the skin better, so wrinkles do not appear longer.
3. Lotion with mineral water. Bring 200-250 ml of mineral water to a boil andBrew 2 tablespoons of herbs. For oily and combination skin, take nettle, chamomile or calendula. For dry and normal skin, mint or birch leaves. The broth should be infused in a closed container for 20-30 minutes, then strain. Keep the lotion in the refrigerator, but not longer than 5 days. Wipe them skin every time after washing.
4. Useful spray. Many cosmetic companies produce sprays withThermal water. If you irrigate the face during the day from such a spray, then decorative cosmetics will better hold. Small sprays produce a micro-massage of the skin and perfectly moisturize it. Irrigation with ordinary mineral water on the skin is not worse. Pour the mineral water into a bottle with a spray nozzle and cover the face with watery dust at least every day. This is especially useful during the heating season. Hot batteries make the air in the room very dry, which causes the skin to lose moisture intensively.
5. Masks with mineral water

  • Mask for oily, porous, prone to inflammationSkin from mineral water. Bodyag - powdered algae (you can buy in a pharmacy), - dilute with mineral water to the consistency of gruel and apply to the face. When the mask dries, rinse it with a mineral water.
  • Yolk-oil nourishing mask for dry andNormal skin. Dilute 1 egg yolk with a teaspoon of vegetable oil and 0.5 teaspoon of mineral water. Blend the mixture with a cotton swab. After 3-5 minutes, apply one more layer, and after 20 minutes, wash off the mask with a solution of cold tea.
  • If your nails break and break, thenRegular mineral baths will heal and strengthen them. Put your fingers in a container with "strongly saline" mineral water for 10 minutes. Then, to fix the effect of mineral water, cover the nails with base lacquer (what is applied under the decorative varnish), which contains calcium.
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