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The choice of glasses for sight and attractiveness

  • Thin rims of glasses "facilitate" the face. Massive and dark emphasize individuality and give solidity. The main rule when choosing a frame - its upper line should coincide with the line of eyebrows.
  • First of all you need to take into account the structure of the face, choosing a frame - unsuccessfully matched, it can "not fit into the face", and the glasses will look like strangers.
  • Simpler to those who have an oval face - they are almost any form of glasses.
  • On the round face, glasses with an enlarged top and narrowed to the bottom of the rim look more attractive.
  • The long face corrects the stretched frame in width.
  • The square face of the frame will go high, slightly narrower to the bottom.

Glasses can visually lengthen the nose, if they are worn high on the bridge of the nose, and, conversely, - shorten the most protruding parts of the face, if they are slightly lowered.
It must be remembered that the frame can add to youCharm, but can also spoil your appearance, if it is picked up incorrectly. The dark frame gives a more severe look. And young girls choosing glasses in a dark frame can give a little maturity, but older women will grow old. You can not always use glasses with dark glasses, as this can adversely affect your eyesight.
Our character and our tastes are also written on the face,You just need to be able to read them. On the personality of a person can be judged even by wrinkles on the face. If wrinkles under the outer edge of the eye, small in size and located near the temple, then you are an honest and devoted person. A person has "crow's feet", small wrinkles in the corners of his eyes from the outside? He is an optimist, merry fellow and soul of the company. A deep wrinkle between the eyes belongs to an intelligent, much reflective person.

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