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Soft water. The secret of youth and beauty

Peering at our reflection in the mirror, we eachDay we hope that the course of time can be stopped. Alas, regardless of our desires, time moves and multiplied by urban rhythms and environmental problems, grieves us with the appearance of new wrinkles, dry skin and brittle hair.

A real woman will never put up with the fact thatThe clock can not be turned back. Creams, emulsions, trips to a cosmetologist, thoughts about plastic surgery .. But everything can be much easier. The power of soft water is the secret of your youth. Do not believe me? Let's understand together.

What is dangerous for hard water?

Virtually everyone knows what harm canTo impose household equipment hard water, which contains a large number of calcium and magnesium salts. In the vast majority of cases, calcareous deposits cause breakdowns of washing and dishwashers, boilers and other household appliances. And now think, if the lime deposits are a real threat to such serious aggregates, what can we say about the delicate skin.
Remember the feeling of tightness and dry skinAfter taking a shower. Lime scale thinens the protective layer of the skin, prevents the skin from breathing. Hence the irritation and redness, dry and dull hair, dandruff.
A few decades ago, soft water can beIt was only to get a campsite, collecting in an old barrel of rainwater. Today, everyone can put a filter-softener in their apartment or country house and enjoy soft water.

Advantages without flaws

Softened tap water becomes soft and gentle, while not losing its natural properties. Such water has no drawbacks, and its useful properties can not be overestimated:
  • Soft water helps normalize the acid-alkaline balance of the skin, returning to it the tenderness and radiant appearance
  • The skin becomes more elastic, thus the probability of occurrence of new wrinkles is considerably reduced

  • The softened water is a natural conditioner. If it is used for washing or rinsing hair, they acquire amazing silkiness and shine
  • Soft water is good for solving dermatological problems: it calms irritated skin and reduces the risk of dermatitis and other allergic reactions
  • The use of soft water protects household appliances from breakage, significantly increasing the period of its operation
  • In soft water the laundry is better washed, does not require additional rinsing. In addition, the laundry becomes soft and gentle without the use of expensive air conditioners

  • In addition, soft water allows you to easily maintain the gloss and cleanliness of surfaces in the bathrooms, which is appreciated by any hostess
  • Soft water will significantly save on the purchase of cleaning products, as well as expensive cosmetic creams, shampoos and balms.

Filter-softener: what to look for?

Thinking about the quality of water, you are thinking about the quality of life. That is why it is so important to make the right choice. Here are a few criteria that will help you decide:
  • Reliability. Since such a technique is bought for many years, it is not worth saving on acquiring it. It is better to give preference to leading European manufacturers.
  • Easy to install and operate. When choosing a filter technique, it is necessary to take into account the conditions of installation and operation of the filter, taking into account that complex systems require constant intervention of specialists.

  • The choice of the model is also influenced by the initial levelWater hardness in the region, and water consumption. In the range of filters, softeners are systems designed for families of two, six and eight people.
  • It is also worth paying attention to the manufacturer's warranty obligations.
Filter-softener will allow you to maintain natural beauty and youth for many years. Learn more about soft water from a European leader in water treatment.
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