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Chelka - fashionable beauty trend-2016

The bangs are an invariable attribute of the turbulent 90's - again inList of "hot" summer novelties. In this season, the bangs can be short or long, defiantly prisoetschitsya asymmetrical strands, or gently frame the oval face and even - to contrast the color with the bulk of the curls. But the fact is certain - it should be. A thick bangs covering his eyebrows, demonstrated at the fashion week shows Jean Paul Gaultier, Rebecca Minkoff and Alexis Mabille. Chloe and Leitmotiv divided it into a straight parting, and Talbot Runhof and Topshop Unique - were laid with strands diagonally, fixed on the side or on the crown.

Traditional long bangs from Rebecca Minkoff

Elongated strands can be laid in complex designs: examples from Talbot Runhof and Topshop Unique

Scattered in a light disorder strands on the forehead -A tribute to the aesthetics of past seasons. They are relevant and now - stylists Moschino, Elisabetta Franchi and Alexander Wang offer to experiment, curling the bangs or leaving the short locks to lie naturally. Those who prefer structured forms should pay attention to the geometric folds of Maison Margiela, the shortened even bangs of Etro, or stylized strands of Esteban Cortazar.

Deliberately careless style from Elisabetta Franchi and Moschino

Laconic geometry from Maison Margiela and Etro

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