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Hairstyles on an extension: a photo of popular interpretations of a bean and a square with an oblique bang and on lengthening

To look stylish and well-groomed, you do not needOnly to systematically update the wardrobe and to visit the nail master on time. Shevelura does not tolerate neglect. That's why it's so important to choose an original hairstyle. Among the variety of fashionable solutions, always quarrels remain topical. One of his interpretations goes on an extension that many women like. This option suits both connoisseurs of the classics, and adherents of fashion trends.

Variety of interpretations of quads

Hairdressers also really like this model,Because it allows you to constantly experiment and bring something new to work. Based on the classic version, several stylish and original solutions have been created, which can be seen in the photo below. Today, women are offered such variations:
  • With a cropped back of the head using cascade technology;
  • With the lower cut by a single line;
  • Without bangs;
  • With the formation of short strands over the face.
In total there are over ten versions of quads by the masters. The only ones who are advised not to do this laying are the owners of too finely curling hair.

Kare with an elongated bang: photo models

Very topical stylish design with an elongated bang: Photo allows you to evaluate this original version. This is a modern classic, as evidenced by many celebrities who preferred this particular hairstyle.
On a note! Among the stars with a similar pattern are Ashley Greene, Victoria Beckham, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Xenia Borodina, Reese Witherspoon, Lera Kudryavtseva, Charlize Theron, Katie Holmes and others.

Such wide popularity of a hairdress is quiteIs understandable. This is an extremely simple version of the arrangement of curls, allowing you to look stylish, fashionable, young and coquettish. Very variegated can be a square with an elongated bang: the photo allows you to see that the strands can be slightly twisted or slapped on one side. Elongated in the front locks can be fixed with accessories or completely combed back. This is a classic version, which is ideal for creating an evening or holiday image.

Crown bob elongated with bangs: photo, features and dignities

Original bean bob elongated with bangsAllows you to focus on the cheekbones and eyes. This should be remembered when choosing this interpretation of the familiar model. A key feature of this topical solution is the opportunity to emphasize also the neck, as the nape is cut short. The lateral strands should remain as long as possible. Haircut looks:
  • boldly;
  • Bright;
  • Non-trivial;
  • Fervently.
Stylists recommend to supplement it with a zigzag or oblique parting, which will make the image even more piquant.

Note! Unusual quilted bean extended with bangs requires constant care. The form needs support.

Graduated variation of square

Graduated haircut - another greatA decision that will be to the taste of connoisseurs of elegance, elegance and fashion trends. This interpretation with elongation is ideally suited to the owners of a narrow and thin face. Hair, cut using the "ladder" technology, as in the photo below, allows to form a volume and a stylish shape. The result is a very feminine, fashionable hairstyle.

Crochet on the leg: photo with bangs

Another attractive transformationClassical model - a square on the foot: a photo with a bang allows you to appreciate all the charm of this interpretation. A unique feature of this version is the ability to make the front long strands oblique. It is also possible to complement the haircut with a French bang that reaches the middle of the forehead.
On a note! The advantage of this option is a filigree combination of an extraordinary cut line and spectacular volume.
Stylish and coquettish looks with an elongated squareOn the foot: a photo with a bang is the proof. A unique feature of the haircut is that it can be performed on long, short hair and ringlets of medium length. The model allows to impart volume:
  • In the field of cheekbones;
  • On the back of the head;
  • On the vertex.

The version fits any type of appearance and features of the face, if correctly form a silhouette.

Bob with a fringe bang: photo and model advantages

The bean with the oblique bangs looks no less impressive: The photo below is a vivid confirmation of that. This interpretation of the eternal classics is especially suitable for ladies in their ages and owners of a round face. Without long front strands, the haircut is suitable for a lady with wide cheekbones. Clearly calibrated, gentle, smooth lines and transitions smooth out imperfections in the geometry of the face.

In any case, the bean is not only stylish, but alsoA practical solution that is simple and fast to fit even without professional hairdressing skills. Kare in each performance is appropriate for celebrations, holidays, in offices and is organic in the style of casual. It remains only to choose the right option, ideally suited to facial features, type and appearance.

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