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Women's haircuts and hairstyles: popular names of some women's haircuts and hairstyles with a photo

Hairstyle is the hallmark of modernwomen. It is its reflection, an indicator of character and mood. Properly selected styling allows you to correct some shortcomings in appearance and to emphasize the obvious merits. But how to get into the wide variety of options and not get confused in the names?

Women's haircuts and hairstyles: names and photos

There are a lot of women's haircuts. Today ladies love to experiment and often prefer the versions to medium hair. In the field of fashion, curls of this length have always been favorites.

The diversity of options can be divided intoModel and simple types. The first kind is created according to a clearly defined technology. Simple options are accepted to perform evenly. However, many professionals work with combined solutions when the wizard uses variations based on several schemes.
Types of women's haircuts are surprisingly diverse. The most popular models that are performed on medium length hair are:
  • The classical square presented in the photo below;
  • Graded bean, attractive by creating extra volume;
  • Gavrosh, especially effectively combined with melirovaniem;
  • Cascade, which is usually considered a universal hairdo, suitable for all true ladies.
On a note! Girls with smooth and perfectly even curls should experiment with the "page" model. It will create an extravagant and stylish image.

Among other solutions worth noting is the style"Sessun". He is suitable for women of different types of appearance and age. The only ones to whom it is recommended to abandon this interpretation are the representatives of the fair sex with too lush forms.

Short haircuts: names of popular models

At all times,Short models. Despite their utmost restraint and laconicism, they allow women to create a stylish, relevant, dynamic and at the same time feminine image.
Among the many names, the pixy solution stands out. This is an unusual hairstyle, striking in its ultrashort length.

The modern version of this model is multilayered. Pixie can be performed on any type of strands. Interpretation is recommended for women with such types of face as:
  • round;
  • square;
  • cordate.
Effectively looks styling with a bang, bringing to the image a touch of coquetry and piquant charm. Strands above the face can be straightened, dense, milled.
The photo below shows one more popularA variant of short hairstyles. The name of this model is a Gavroche. The key advantage of the style is its extravagance. If we supplement the interpretation with torn strands, we get a very original solution.

Among other models, special attention should be paid to:
  • Asymmetrical variations;
  • Cap;
  • Square.
The cap is the name of the variant, ideally suited to women who can not boast of a long head of hair. The model effectively corrects some of the shortcomings of the exterior, perfectly concealing them.

Note! The version is not suitable for ladies who have too hard hair, as the edges of the hair will stick out and create a general untidiness effect.

Short model women's haircuts: photos and names of models

Traditionally, ladies, leading a dynamic and energetic way of life, prefer short model haircuts "for a boy". The photo below shows one of the most common variations.

Caprice is a popular model solution, built on an impressive multilayeredness. This female haircut is suitable for ladies of any appearance. The roots create the maximum volume.

In this case, the neck and décolleté region remainOpen. The hairstyle is stacked differently, allowing each time to receive a new option. The model is attractive in that it allows to remain always coquettish, stylish, refined.

The photo above shows a classic bean onShort curls. This kind of model hairstyle is popular both for the fair sex and for the masters, as the image turns out to be unexpected, bright, creative.
On a note! Bob is accepted to complement with bangs. Her interpretations are limited only by the skill of the hairdresser and imagination.

Feminine haircuts: some versions with a photo

The feminine haircut must be refined andElegant. The photo shows a classic ladder. This is the most feminine, graceful style, bringing softness and refinement to the ensemble. Stylists propose to abandon the bangs. The attractiveness of the ladder is in the variability of the styling methods. It will allow you to make soft sexual curls, perfectly even strands or elastic curls.

Always topical cascade and square with a bangs - these are the kinds of female styles that make the image romantic and tender.

Such a wide variety of solutions allows each member of the fair sex to find something individual, attractive, ideally suited to her image.
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