/ / Fashionable summer makeup 2015. Actual tendencies of 2015, photo. Tips stylists.

Fashionable summer makeup 2015. Actual tendencies of 2015, photo. Tips stylists.

Fashionable summer make-up 2015: the main trends

Do you want to look trendy this summer? Then stock up on cosmetics of natural shades. Fashionable summer natural make-up does not mean completely giving up cosmetics. On the contrary, to make a competent makeup, you'll have to work hard. Aerobatics - to achieve the impression that there is no makeup at all. In this case, the face with unvarnished lips, without shimmering shadows and "double" eyelashes looks young, almost innocent. The basis of this effect is a flat, clean skin. Otherwise, you will have to work hard: for this case, a whole arsenal of tonal creams and powder types should be stored in the cosmetic bag.

As for the lips, eyes and eyebrows, it is better to allocateonly one thing. But again - one should only emphasize their naturalness, taking the color only by a tone darker or lighter. For eyelashes make-up artists recommend to choose mascara black-gray or brown shades, which should be applied in one layer. For lips it is better to choose a matte lipstick, the color of which should match the color of the lips, but be a bit more intense. Lipstick can be replaced with a transparent lip gloss.

Nude look in the shows used most often: Such a pure, natural image can not be better combined with bright summer dresses. However, a minimum of make-up - although leading, but not the only possible option for the summer. Another actual trend is the image in the style of the late 80's - early 90's. From the "transparent", the make-up in this style is marked by an increased emphasis on the eyes or lips. So, eyes densely bring in dark or gray pencils and shadows, draw long arrows. At the same time neutral lipsticks and glosses are suitable. But if the main focus of the summer makeup on the lips, then you should choose the intense colors: wine, coral, sangria, marsala, chocolate. In this case, the eye makeup should be natural.

How to apply makeup in the summer: tips stylists?

But to know the main trends of the fashionable summerMakeup is one thing, and being able to use them in practice is quite another. Therefore, we offer you simple tips for applying a fashionable summer make-up that will help you look stylish and relevant.

First, summer makeup always impliesLightness and naturalness. This year, these requirements are backed up by fashion trends - nude-style makeup. Therefore, choose cosmetics that are literally invisible on the face: transparent powder, foundation with reflective particles, matte lipstick of natural shades.

Secondly, the main focus of fashionable summer make-up of 2015 is clean skin. It is an even complexion that will become the mainstay of your stylish image.

Thirdly, if you have oily skin, then givePreference for matte powder, not for foundation. With dry skin, even in summer, you can apply a tonal basis, most importantly, that it is as close to color as possible to your natural face tone.

Fourth, do not combine several trends in one make-up. Bright blue arrows in combination with coral lips will look vulgar, but not stylish.

Fourth, provide the skin with proper care. Do not forget about proper hydration and nutrition with the help of special masks. And also about careful, but gentle cleansing. Remember: healthy skin is the guarantee of beauty!

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