/ / Spa capsule, contraindications and indications for procedures. Spa capsule, functions

Spa capsule, contraindications and indications for procedures. Spa capsule, functions

Women's dream of perfect skin as in the photo inGlossy magazines, can now become a reality. Leading cosmetologists assure: to get a silky and delicate skin, it is enough to visit the spa capsule. In addition to this, the procedure will relieve stress, improve metabolism and get rid of cellulite. About what this is a miracle technology and what other effective functions it performs, we will go further.

Capsule of beauty and its purpose

SPA capsule is an innovativeAn apparatus that includes the functions of many popular cosmetic procedures: anti-stress, relaxation, anti-cellulite, anti-aging. At the heart of its work is the combined effect of infrared rays and ionized vapor (dry capsule), as well as a massage shower (hydrophilic capsule). Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the lower layers of the epidermis and warms them, and hot steam opens the pores and improves blood microcirculation, which in tandem contributes to elimination of toxins and improvement of lipid metabolism. In addition, the procedure promotes the rapid assimilation of biologically active substances, so it is often combined with cosmetic wraps, scrubbing and masks. Also, the session in a dry capsule is combined with vibromassage programs and essential oils.

In turn, the whirlpool, which providesA system of water showers of varying intensity, effectively helps in the fight against cellulite, stress, insomnia and age-related body changes. Hydrophobic SPA-capsules are also equipped with the function of therapeutic baths: aromatic, salt, bubble.

How does the spa capsule occur? Benefits and contraindications

But still the most pleasant moment in thisProcedure - the session itself. The device is a special capsule, in shape resembling a horizontal chamber for a solarium, conveniently located in which you completely immerse yourself in a world of relaxation and peace. During the session, which usually lasts from 30 to 45 minutes, the client experiences quite a pleasant sensation - warmth, light vibration, massage. Many women who have tried the work of a SPA capsule are recognized: the procedure is so relaxing that you can even fall asleep during it. In addition to the standard functions, the clients also benefit from color therapy, aromatherapy, aeroinotherapy and music therapy. They can be used as separate therapy, or in combination with other operations.

Who is showing the spa capsule?

Women and men suffering from the consequencesChronic fatigue and stress. This procedure should be paid attention and wishing to quickly put in order your skin, improve metabolism, a little to lose weight, get rid of cellulite. The spa capsule will also help in the prevention of many diseases, such as ARVI, depression and varicose veins.

Contraindications to visit SPA capsules

The spa capsule has practically no contraindications. An exception are some heart diseases, contact dermatitis, hypertension. Persons suffering from claustrophobia should also not visit the spa capsule - even short-term isolation in the apparatus can trigger a panic attack.

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