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Beauty without sacrifices: new PANASONIC photoepilator

Meet the new best friend of all the girls,Wishing to always look perfect: the photo-epilator ES-WH80 from PANASONIC. This miracle gadget will remove the hairs on your legs quickly, effectively, and most importantly - without any pain and discomfort.

The novelty action is based on the principle of IPL -Intense light in the form of pulses. Flashes of light are converted into heat, which absorbs the pigment melanin, which leads to a halt in hair growth. Only 10 minutes - and the legs are in perfect order! To achieve the optimum result - before using the photoepilator, it is recommended to shave off all unwanted hairs, so that flashes affect solely the hair follicles.

Thoughtful, ergonomic design, trendy white and crimson coloring, a powerful battery and compact size will definitely make a new photoepilator a favorite for women of fashion.

PANASONIC photoepilator: stylish, innovative and fashionable

Gadget effectively removes hairs on legs in just 10 minutes

Beauty-novelty is made in Japan, which adds only the points to the photoepilator

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