/ / The sun and the sea: a ruler of a make-up Chantecaille Summer 2017

The sun and the sea: a ruler of a make-up Chantecaille Summer 2017

Decorative collection Chantecaille Summer 2017Is permeated with a sunny mood and the relaxed, non-hot hot resorts of Corsica. A little shine for the skin, freshness for the lips and eye color - what else do you need on vacation?

Promotional photo of Chantecaille's summer novelties in Instagram brand

Touched with golden tan skin does not needDense camouflage means - brand makeup artists offer only to place the necessary accents. It takes the least: add flickering sparks on the cheeks and cheeks of the cheeks with the help of liquid bronzer Radiance Gel Bronzer and fix the weightless make-up with the powder hailer Poudre Lumiere Sunlight. Pearlescent microparticles in the composition concentrate, reflect and scatter light, filling the skin with a delicate radiance. Products can be applied with a brush, wet sponge or simply fingertips, carefully shading the boundaries.

Powder Sunlight - the old-product collection - decorated with voluminous embossing in the form of the sun

Eye shadow shades are inspired by colorsMediterranean nature. The trio of Corsican Eye pigments in the olive-blue range will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the look. The universal set Seashell Eye & Cheek is designed for make-up of eyes and face: pink-bronze pigments can be used as blush, shadows and corrector.

Chantecaille eyelid pigments are hypoallergenic, do not contain mineral oils and synthetic dyes

The final touch of the makeup is gentle seductiveLips. Matte lipsticks Lip Chic and satin luster in the Lip Sleek stickers will protect the skin of the lips from sunlight, sea breeze, salt water and saturate it with moisture. A waterproof translucent pencil contour Lip Keep Invisible will not allow lipstick to fade.

Lipsticks and shines of Chantecaille with phytoextracts moisturize and nourish the skin of the lips

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