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Arms of temptation: collection of make-up NARS Orgasm 2017

Blush Blush Orgasm is a popular beauty productNARS. No wonder - the pigment, which has a special silk texture, does not create any problems in the application and shading. A gentle pink-peach shade with a tiny golden shimmer is universal and suitable for any type of appearance. NARS decided to expand the Orgasm series with summer novelties, which look very promising.

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Powder Blush Blush Orgasm came out in an updatedCase. The limited version of the cult means - now in a compact detachable case with a handy mirror. What you need for a road bunker: the blush that creates the effect of soft flicker and light strobing, will be useful during the beach vacation.

Blush Orgasm Advertising Campaign

Liquid blush Orgasm Liquid Blush - excellentChoice for natural daytime make-up. One drop of the drug is enough to give the skin a fresh, radiant appearance. Delicate blush can be mixed with other products - bronzers, tonal bases or hailers - to perform exquisite make-up. The Orgasm-series fixing powder will ensure the durability of the coating, and the gloss will add sparkling accents.

In the composition of liquid blush - aromatic oils of taman and mono, nourishing the skin

Persistent matt lipstick Orgasm Lipstick repeatsAll the same shade of classic blush, but already for the makeup of the lips. A warm summer tone with a barely perceptible satin finish is a wonderful solution for make-up in the nude style. The formulation contains a complex of hydrophilic antioxidants and conditioners that provide protection and moisturizing.

Novelties NARS Orgasm 2017 is already on sale in the online store NARS

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