/ Why do girls lose interest in men?

Why do girls lose interest in men?

So, why do girls lose interest in men? Even in the case when a girl finds her beloved in bed with another woman, her love can not immediately fade. This requires some time.

If a man suspects that something is amissGoing on in their relationship with the girl, it's worth thinking about. After all, you intuitively felt a decrease in its index of interest. Do you need to try to understand in this case, what are your fears related to? After all, not on the same spot you suddenly had premonitions that your girl loses interest in you.

In fact, the man begins to worry whenThe woman behaves as something unnatural. Of course, a man can reassure himself that nothing is happening, but on an intuitive level, he feels the weakening of the intensity of the girl's feelings. Namely, the girl's inconsistent behavior speaks of her falling index of interest in a man.

Girls who lose interest in men canStop suddenly making compliments to you, or suddenly these girls stop responding to your funny jokes. Suddenly, such a girl ceases to object to your meetings with old friends. But recently she was just jealous of you to your friends. Then her interest rate was at a high level. Think about it, because your girlfriend has lost interest to you about 75%.

Then there are such changes. The girl suddenly ceases to initiate the touch of a man, although previously this was not. Previously, she took you gently by the hand, crossing the road, and now does it herself, and urging you. Yes, you need to worry, because interest in you fell to 55%.

In the next stage, when the percentage drops to 50%,A girl argues with you and you have very often disagreements. Your girl suddenly starts to spit on you caustic remarks, quarrels become more frequent.

And finally the point of no return is the fall in interestTo the level of 45%. Here your girlfriend is still close to you, but really your relationship is already in the past. The girl quarrels with you more often, in addition to this, she also recalls her personal space, which you occupy and limit. The girl tries to explain to you that she does not want to see you anymore, but you, as a man, confident in yourself, think that these are just words. In this case, men think that everything will go well and will be as before. But in fact you are sentenced to death. In the last stage of losing interest in a man, a girl may not even realize that she is throwing her man. But at that time she had accumulated so much hatred and vexation that, probably, in the future she would not even have the thought of returning the man back. This situation can last several months, and perhaps even years, but in the end the separation is inevitable.

And finally comes the last stage - stageDiscontinuity. The sentence will be carried out. Your girl's interest in you falls to 30%. This is the end. You have been "expelled" for a long time, but at the moment your girl simply does not want to see you next to her. Your girl starts a big quarrel, as a result of which your girl leaves you, losing interest to you forever.

Very often, girls lose interest in men,When she is explained in love, and vice versa, when they lose interest, then men suddenly become not indifferent. The fact is that when a man shows interest in a girl, then in due course feelings can cool down, and when a man suddenly ceases to love a girl, then on the contrary the girl tries to return the man by any means. Not for nothing is such a winged phrase: "The less a woman we love, the more we like her." The girl is a hunter first. And she gets excited when a man loses interest in her. She needs constant confirmation of her own irresistibility, and she wants to know that she likes everyone without exception. So, as soon as a man loses interest in a girl, she finds him. Your indifference makes the girl on the subconscious try to get you back. If you keep yourself at arm's length in communication with a girl, she will always be near you.

Sometimes girls lose interest in men, ifUnderstand that this is not love, that the man is not the one whom she wants to see next to her for life. No wonder a man says "love" even before he fell in love, and a woman says this word after she falls in love.

A woman in a relationship with a man mustShould gradually recognize him, comprehend all the charms of your relationship. In order to please her, you need to prove that you are the only one she has been waiting for all her life. Make her gifts, find out her, try to become her real friend and take part in all her problems. Let her know that without you she just can not live. You are the man who will give her the joy of love, happiness, tenderness and warmth.

Very often girls lose interest in men inThe moment when they are disappointed in him. They fantasize, present their man the best, the most real, and as a result it turns out that a man can betray or offend.

If a man disappoints a girl, she canLose interest in all men in general. Such girls cease to believe all men, lose interest in men and focus on work and on the love of their loved ones. They try to do without men, just do not let them to themselves.

Lose interest in the men of the girl who, althoughWould once been disappointed in life and learned what a betrayal on the part of men. Therefore, you men should be more careful about your loved ones, do not bring the situation to the extreme. If you suddenly fall out of love, do not hide and hide it, it's better to say everything right away. In doing so, try to bring as little pain to your girl. After all, you can leave nice, even after remaining just friends. Make a farewell party and explain to your beloved that you simply can not continue to be together, because your feelings have cooled down. After all, your girlfriend, having lost interest in you, can make you very painful.

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