/ / Hairstyles for September 1 for long, medium and short hair, with bows for girls, 20 photos

Hairstyles for September 1 for long, medium and short hair, with bows for girls, 20 photos

Hairstyles for September 1 - an integral partA ritual of exciting preparations for the Day of Knowledge. All the girls on this day want to be the most elegant and beautiful, and therefore very much ask their mothers to think how unusual and interesting to lay the hair of small women of fashion. Choose the most-the most original options for styling and hairstyles for schoolgirls, who, among other things, are easy to perform, they will easily be done by any mom at home.


Curls and braids: hairstyles for girls on September 1 for long hair
Hairstyles for September 1 for short and medium hair
Hairstyles for girls on September 1 with bows for girls
How to make an original hairstyle for September 1
Hairstyle for September 1 master class on video

Curls and braids: hairstyles for girls on September 1 for long hair

What hairstyle can I make on September 1
The simplest and quickest way to turn yourFavorite princess in the real school queen - is to make a haircut on September 1 in the form of falling large curls. All that is needed to create this small hairdresser's masterpiece is a ploy or styler, a little tool for fixing the curls (mousse, lotion for styling) and a round brush. Styling in the form of soft waves - in itself solemn and elegant. But if desired, the curls can be decorated with a decorative rim or hairpins.

The variety of weave braids from hair is capableTo amaze even the boldest imagination. However, the simplest and quickest way to make a girl an original hairstyle is to weave a braid ... without a braid! This hairstyle from the ordinary horse tail is very similar to the hairdress of Disney princesses. And to recreate such an image is very simple! Just pull the hair into a tight ponytail and intercept the tail with thin rubber bands at a distance of 10 cm from each other. Ready cuts of hair - pull a little, to get the required volume and unusual effect.

Careless braids - another trendy versionHairstyles for September 1 for long hair. Make it very simple. Bite two braids and pull the strands out a little so that the braid appears more bulky and has a slightly sloppy appearance. To prevent excess hair from getting out of the hair, and curls more docile, pre-treat hair with a special styling product.

Beautiful hairstyles for September 1
Another fashionable way to make a careless scythe is to braid her, letting the strands on one side.

Hairstyles for September 1 for short and medium hair

Tails are truly an unlimited field forInterpretations of elegant girlish hairstyles, including, and on average hair. Does your baby adore tails? - Make her on September 1 a hairstyle consisting of as many as six small tails! Divide the hair into an even part and on each side symmetrically make three tails. Collect the hair on the vertex cross-criss-cross, attaching them to the ponytails on the occipital part. Similarly, fix the hair in the lower tails. The ends are screwed on a curling robe and decorate your hair with smart hairpins.

Hair collected in an elegant bun - hairstyle,Which looks equally good both for grown-up ladies and for little girls. You can make the most basic retro-beam, using a special roller, giving volume to the hair. And you can make a hairstyle for September 1 more intricate, using sophisticated techniques.

Experiments with simple and complex braidsCan also be numerous when creating a hairstyle for September 1 to medium hair. Try to weave a few pigtails-spikelets from the temporal parts and forehead. Fasten the braids with smart hairpins, and the remaining strands simply wind on the curling iron or hair curlers or pull the strands with an iron.

Hairstyles for short hair on September 1 -The task is simple and complex at the same time. As a rule, the type of laying of curls will depend, first of all, on the haircut. If this is a short square, then you can simply wind the strands on curlers or lay your hair in retro-waves, catching strands at the temple with decorative invisibles. Or you can simply decorate a short haircut with a smart rim.

First time - in the first class: hairstyles for September 1 with bows for girls

Hairstyle for 1 September - 1 class
Cheerful first-timers without elegant white bows- Well, can not do. And all because such an important and solemn day as the First Bell Day is only once in a lifetime. But you do not want to limit yourself to trivial tails or pigtails! Yes, and the little schoolgirls want to be on this day, not only smart and beautiful, but also unlike the others. Try to create simple, but effective hairstyles with bows, using the original weave braids from individual strands. The braids of strands on the temples and the crown, for example, can be twisted into a fancy net or simply crossed with each other, finish the hair with two tails curled in curls and decorated with white bows.

Another favorite of many weaving is the spit-spike. Having decorated such a hairstyle with a white bow - you can safely go to your first ever Knowledge Day.

Exquisite, rigorous bunch with decoration in the form ofThe bow will look special solemnly. In addition, small first-graders like to imagine that entering the first class is the beginning of a new, adult life. That is why the "adult" hairstyles for September 1, like a classic bundle of strands or more complex variations of braids - will be as relevant as possible on the first school "ruler".

It turns out that even such a well-knownOur moms and grandmothers hair, like a "basket" of braids, can play in a completely new way, if you add it with complex weaving and ribbons. And the braids themselves, of course, decorate with bows. And, it is not necessary that they are classic white huge bows - here, too, progressive moms are advised to show imagination.

For those who are not looking for easy ways,Master hairdressers are advised to pay attention to the combination of several elements from the strands. So, the bundle and the braid, it turns out, can complement each other very harmoniously. A woven white satin ribbon and a classic bow from this tape will make your schoolgirl the most beautiful on the first school holiday.

Master class for moms: how to make an original hairstyle on September 1 (step-by-step photos)

If your baby has medium-length hair, thenTry to make an original and simple in the creation of a hairdress on September 1 in the form of decorative curls. All we need is a comb-scallop, a set of simple fine rubber bands for hair, decorative invisibility with flowers.
First, we make a parting in the center and from it we divide the strands along the entire circumference of the head from the crown to approximately 10 equal parts. Each piece is fastened with an elastic band in the tail approximately at the level of the temple.

Each tail, winding on your fingers, twirl into a decorative nettle curl, "snail", which we fix using invisible.

Finished curls straighten so that the location of fastening strands was not visible. We shall sprinkle the ready hairdress with means for fixing hair.

Hairstyle for the 1st of September for medium hair: The volumetric beam on the square (master class on video)

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