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How to find love after a divorce

Although some of the same thought aboutOnline dating is shaking, many happy stories have started there. In that case, why do not you try to find your love online? We asked the expert on relations and the "evangelist" of the site "Photostrana" Ekaterina Fadeeva to share tips on how worth and how not to look for a man of her dreams on a dating site.

It is difficult to meet a man even at the age of 20, andIt's getting harder to meet the right person over the years, especially if you have unsuccessful relationships behind you. Sometimes it is difficult to find time for communication in the cycle of work and raising children. In this situation, many turn to dating sites that allow you to get acquainted without leaving your home and therefore require much less time.
On dating sites, many are looking for seriousRelations. According to our data, 40% of men on the Photostrana are looking for partners to create a family. And thanks to the information on the page of the interlocutor you can always check the compatibility of your views and hobbies at the very beginning of communication.
So, what do you need to do to find a man on a dating site?
  1. Be realistic
    Too stringent requirements (for example, externalQualities) will severely curtail the list of candidates. Do not be too meticulous and respond only to blue-eyed blondes with a height of 186.5 cm, if you do not want the search dragged on for a long time.
  2. Be active
    Often, users complain about the lack ofAttention to themselves, but at the same time they do not write to anyone. If all are guided by this logic, online dating sites will cease to exist. Remember: with one registration the matter is not limited, your happiness is in your hands!
  3. Be open
    Forget about past relationships and get acquainted withDifferent people. In the end, you do not know what looks like and what your ideal man is fond of until you find it. And if you want to know a better man, then go with him to the meeting: otherwise you can always stop talking.

When dating online there are several rules about what to do in any case impossible.
  1. Do not send the same type of impersonal messages
    You will be more likely to answer, ifYour message will show that you have spent time learning the user's page, and it's really interesting to you. Standard messages are unlikely to attract attention.
  2. Do not reject the negative
    Here everything is simple: hatred, rudeness and aggression do not cause desire to get acquainted.
  3. Do not share too much personal information
    Do not be frank and do not share a privateInformation, until you feel comfortable with the new interlocutor. Think about a separate SIM card for sharing numbers. Thus, if communication becomes a burden to you, you can quickly stop it.
  4. Do not forget about safety
    The first appointment is best organized on a neutralTerritory in a public place where you will feel calmer. Be sure to let friends or relatives know exactly where you will be and with whom.
Good luck! You will succeed!
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