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The text of the invitation to the wedding in prose (templates). Beautiful texts of invitations to the wedding in verse

The tradition to make out wedding invitations in the form ofExquisite and delicate cards in an envelope or unusual cards and invitations - this is a kind of way to keep memories of the holiday. Having picked up such a postcard many years after the wedding, and having read the text of the invitation to the wedding, you will accurately remember the solemn ceremony, cheerful and bright holiday, which can be safely called one of the most important in life. Choose a ready-made template with the text of the invitation at your own discretion in prose or verse, and let your own memories of the wedding and the impressions of your guests be the most enjoyable.

Original text of the wedding invitation for any guest

Our dear (the name of the guest)!
No matter where in the world we are, in whatever wayLuxurious places have not visited, all the brightest moments in life for us create people - close, loved and necessary. In the new history, the history of our young family, we want to see you among the guests. All the importance and joy of our marriage are invited to share with us
(Date) at (time) to the address (street and house name).
To celebrate the event, we expect your arrival at (time) in the restaurant (name) at (street and house).
Groom (name) and bride (name).

Dear (name of the guest)!
(Date) will come true our most cherished dream and we will become spouses.
A great joy and happiness of this moment we want to share with the most important and intimate people.
Therefore we are waiting for you in (the name of the REGISTRY OFFICE), where in (time) an official painting will take place.
And then we invite you to taste champagne and a wedding caravan (the name of the street and the house), where a festive banquet will be held at (time).
Sincerely, (names of the bride and groom).

Dear (the name of the guest)!
Where two souls tend to be one, whereHearts blaze with sincere love, and eyes burn with happiness, the strongest and happiest family is born. We create such a family and invite you to spend this day with us.
(Date) at (time) at the address (street name, REGISTRY OFFICE) we exchange rings as a sign of our eternal marital fidelity.
At (time) in the restaurant (name) we are waiting for you for an unforgettable celebration.
Future newlyweds (name of the bride and groom).

Beautiful text of the wedding invitation for parents

Dear parents! We are glad to inform you that we made the most important decision in life - to create our own family. By your example, we want to make this union strong, loyal and happy.
We invite you, as the most esteemed guests for the wedding ceremony (date) at (time) at (name).
With love and gratitude, (names of the bride and groom).

Thank you, our beloved, for the warmth and care,Which gives us a family. We strive to create such a happy family, and the reason for this is our sincere love and devotion to each other. We invite you to the wedding, which will be the birthday of the happiest family in the world!

Dear mommy!
Your care, wisdom, patience and understandingTaught me the most important thing in life: love and faithfulness. My happiness is your merit, and by creating your own family, I invite you, as the most esteemed guest (date) at (time) to the solemn ceremony of uniting the two fates.
With love, (name).

Funny invitation text for a wedding for friends

When all thoughts are close to one person, when every day you want to hold his hand - it's time to unite in one happy family with an eternal sincere promise.
Our dear (names of guests)!
We want, that in our life there was a place andHome, and happy meetings with friends. We are proud of our friendship and invite you to share all the joy of the solemn event (date) in (time, address).
In order for the family life to be sweet, we will bake a loaf and treat you to a restaurant (name) in (time).
With love in my heart, happy bridegroom and bride (names).

Our dear friend!
The most valuable thing in life is respect, loyalty andkindness. All this is in love and without all this there is no real friendship. We unite our hearts by an official union, we create a family, but we do not forget about an important and so valuable friend like you. We invite you to the wedding as the most honorable friend of a young family. We will be spouses (date) at (time) and on this occasion we invite you to come to the address (address of the registry office)
With love, (names of the bride and groom).

Dear (names of guests)!
Solemnly announce that the future brideReady to cook soup, wash socks and iron shirts. The future groom is ready to give roses, take out the garbage and hammer nails. In support of our words, and also because of incredible love, we invite you to a cheerful wedding.
We will put the mural under these promises (date)In time at the address (street and house name), and in the restaurant (name) at the address (street and house name) we mark the event with you and other people closest to us.
Sincerely, future spouses (names).

Unusual wedding invitation text template

Dear (names of guests)!
In the world of our modern and everyday things happenedAn unusual story. The beautiful and beautiful beauty with her gentle and gentle gaze captivated the valiant and brave knight, who forever gave her his heart. Still do not believe in fairy tales? Then we invite you to witness firsthand the existence of miracles and become part of the magical story of the creation of our young family.
Come, and be sure that fairy love exists (date) in (time) at the address (street and house name).
The royal feast and unforgettable merriment will take place at (time) at the address (street and house name).
A young knight (the name of the groom) and a young princess (the name of the bride).

Dear (names of guests)! In this letter we want to tell you an unusual story about love at first sight. She fascinated us like a magic that makes the heart beat faster, inspires new achievements and dispels any hardships. In order to preserve this magical gift of destiny, we will make love the basis of our marriage, create a strong family that will protect the flame of love as an impregnable fortress.
The official ceremony will take place (date) at (time) at (street and house).
Solemn reception and refreshment of guests: at (time) at (street and house).
In captivity in love, (names of the bride and groom).

The desire to love, the desire to be happy andForces to cross any vital rivers and conquer any mountains gave us our meeting. We realized how important and necessary each other is and we want to continue our way of life, holding each other's hands.
We invite you (names of guests) to our wedding. (Date) at (time) at the address (street and house name) we will unite our fates, and in (time) we will gather all the guests at the festive table.
Inspired and in love, (names of the bride and groom).

Interesting templates of invitations to the wedding in verse

On the scheduled special day
Two signatures, two words "yes"
Bind the hearts of our love
Union forever.
With deep respect
We want to ask you
Our holiday is the main thing in life
On the day of this visit.

All our aspirations
And our dreams,
Strengthen the union
We invite you
This day is celebrated,
A new family
Scream "bitter" to meet!

We create our family
With love, inspiration.
We want to see you
With great impatience.
We ask you to go directly to the registry office:
We want to consolidate our union,
And after, we invite you
Champagne for us to drink!

The most original congratulations on the wedding day here

We create a family,
We want to be together,
Promise each other
Forever we love.
We invite you to the wedding,
We cook a huge cake,
Come with us to the registrar
And in a secluded restaurant.

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If you select the best text of the invitation toWedding, first consider the size of postcards or envelopes for invitations. You can write different invitations for friends and parents. If a template is already printed in the card to indicate the names, time and place of the celebration, you can supplement it with a small poem that once again emphasizes the importance of the upcoming event.
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