/ Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in verse. Funny congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in prose

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in verse. Funny congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in prose

Anniversary of the wedding is one of the most important eventsIn the life of each family. That's why on this holiday it is desirable to choose a congratulation in verse or prose that will emphasize the peculiarity of the event, express a friendly attitude to the couple in love and parting words for a happy life. You can, for example, combine together the most sincere, kind wishes in one congratulation or pick up words in prose and a short original poem. Since each anniversary has its own peculiarities of celebrating and choosing a gift to the spouses, it is possible to choose an original congratulation with the mention of the name of the anniversary of marriage. But remember that universal wishes are suitable for any anniversary, and cool poems will raise the mood of a couple and all guests.

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in verse

Congratulations on the anniversary!
Although in the closet is a veil,
We all recognized the bridegroom
And the bride is still one!
You want to add
Achievements every year,
Side by side
The paths of grief and hassle.
Let the bridegroom circle the bride
In a beautiful wedding dance,
Let them live in harmony,
In a marriage strong, very passionate!

Happy Anniversary! If we hear
On this day we couples laugh,
So their marriage is doomed
On the big-big success!
So everything is as they should,
As they wished they had.
Hence, we wish them,
So that they continue to live like this!

Happy Anniversary!
We want to wish you,
In your life that reserve,
What you need so much:
Happiness, joy, good luck,
And to the success of zeal,
Sometimes peace,
Sometimes - patience.

Universal congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in prose

A family is not only a desire to forge a strongJoint socket. This mutual consent, the desire for common goals, mutual support. I wish you, as two faithful birds, to soar skyward with infinite love for life, freedom and for each other. Stay faithful sincere in your feelings, and then you will be able to achieve the most desirable heights and dizzying successes. Happy Anniversary!

If family happiness could be measuredEmeralds, your sparkle would be brighter than all. If you could describe love as a diamond, your glow would be like the brightest and crystal clear stone. If each year of marriage were given as a reward by a coin, then yours, of course, would be pure gold of the highest quality. I wish you love, prosperity, prosperity and success. Let the family piggy bank continue to be replenished with gold coins lived in happiness for years!

Today is the day when it's so nice to remember the momentThe creation of a young family, the solemn exchange of rings, the thrill, the slight excitement, the love and tenderness with which you trusted each other your hearts. Over the years youthful courage is replaced by wisdom, carelessness is replaced by pleasant troubles with young children. But the love and tenderness with which you held each other's hands by the altar remain unchanged. We wish you to cherish these feelings as the most valuable treasure in life!

Original congratulations on the wedding anniversary 1 year in verse

Congratulations on the anniversary!
Quickly the wedding sounded noisy,
Stronger in a year the family
Yours has become a hundred times over.
Prosperity, we wish,
The right to congratulate each year
Behind him we leave.
Let the families of your ranks
Only replenish,
Let the dreams of the two spouses
Quickly executed!

Congratulations on the anniversary!
Faithfulness, sincerity, hope,
Passion and violent love -
Everything is as before.
And the gaze of the bride shines,
And the groom is ready for anything.
In the eyes of your lovers
Everything is clear without words.
Let this light
Many years in the hearts of burning,
Let the love of your life be the way
Warm light will shine!

Congratulations on the anniversary!
First year of the couple together.
Groom Reverence
And bow to the bride.
You lived this year
In kindness, love and affection.
Our young sweet
Life is like a good fairy tale!
Let the youth, love
Your eternity will last,
So that you could do everything,
What you want, achieve!

Best congratulations on the first anniversary of the wedding in prose

Love, trust, friendship, respect and fidelityThey were interwoven with thin threads on the first anniversary of the marriage life - a cotton wedding. Congratulations on your first significant family date. Let this delicate chintz grow stronger over the years, and on the canvas of your married life there are patterns of the brightest and colorful memories!

Today, leafing through an album with weddingPhotos, remembering the bride in a luxurious white dress and elegant bridegroom, we admire this magnificent pair! We want to remind you: the first year in a marriage is just laying the foundation for the house that you have to build together. And we, from the outside, can confidently say that your foundation has turned out to be very reliable and lasting. Build your family happiness brick for a brick, carefully and anxiously taking care of each other.

Exactly one year ago two gold rings youCrowned their decision to be faithful and loving spouses. Today we have a happy couple for whom marriage became the basis for creating a friendly and strong family. Let your first anniversary be pleasant, as a soft chintz, which you today take as a gift from the closest people in the old tradition.

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Short beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding in verse for sms

We wish your family
Stability, prosperity,
And let love live
You every year are sweet!

Let your union be
Stronger than all,
Let it give you joy
Funny children's laughter.

Let the soul of heaven above
From happiness skywards soar,
Let hot let love
Hearts always burn!

We wish for ever
Heat the soul warm,
Love a light
Even more light!

We wish from the heart
Love, well-being.
Were waiting for the anniversary -
Family to congratulate the event!

We wish in the family
Mutual understanding,
Do not leave each other
Spouses without attention.

When love is strengthened
The union of two hearts is reliable,
Then and life is your way
It will not be at all difficult.

Anniversary is an occasion
Wish family from everyone:
Let forever stick to you
Happiness, joy and success!

Beautiful congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding for 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years in prose

Congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding! Two years of marriage are traditionally called a paper wedding. Let your paper boat dazzle in the ocean of love, passion and prosperity, and a quiet home harbor will be a permanent and invariable haven.

Congratulations on this date - three years from the date of yourMarriages. Leather wedding is considered a date, which three times confirms the strength of the union. Let your self-confidence, love and faith in each other grow stronger with the years. And let the souvenirs made of leather, donated by us today, become talismans, bringing prosperity to your family!

Let the anniversary of a linen wedding on tableclothsA lavish table will be laid out of linen, linen clothes warm the young couple, and luxurious linen cloths cover the bed. We wish the family well-being, prosperity and the most devoted love!

No wonder they named the five-year anniversary of the marriageLife wooden wedding. According to a long-standing belief, the family should have already acquired this date with its house and furniture made of wood. And we wish you, let this small anniversary for your young family open up new opportunities and horizons!
If you choose the desire for calico,Paper, leather, linen or wooden wedding, the original idea will be to sign a card (or envelope), and attach it to a gift or souvenir from the relevant material. For sms-congratulations, use short poems, and for a feast - beautiful wishes in prose that you can read and add a few words from yourself.
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