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Toast to the wedding in your own words, funny. Beautiful toasts to the wedding in their words to the newlyweds from their parents, friends

Wedding feast - it's not just a hearty table,Cheerful toastmaster and loud music. Toasts play a special role at the wedding. After all, each glass should be accompanied by kind wishes to the happy young people. Toast at a wedding can sound like a wise parable or a funny story, be poetic or formulated in your own words. Try to make your wedding toast in your own words original and unusual, because then the newlyweds will surely remember your sincere words and warm wishes. And consider the fact that the tableware itself sounds differently and depends on who keeps the word. Parents and godparents, as a rule, speak touching words and make everyone cry, all the friends basically joke and have fun. But the most important thing about what it is worth remembering when pronouncing a toast at a wedding is sincerity and love.

Touching toasts in their own words for the newlyweds in prose

Dear newlyweds! I raise this glass for your perfect union. I wish to preserve the freshness of feelings and romance of relations for many years. Boldly, and confidently lead your ship through the storms and waves, filling the sails with love and faithfulness. And do not let your frigate crash against domestic difficulties. Advice you to love!

I congratulate the newly-born family on their dayMarriages. I wish to be wonderful builders of family happiness. Lay love and respect in the foundation of your family fortress, build walls from tenderness and affection, and let the roof have a sense of humor and optimism. Bitterly!

I wish the young family to sweep on their car of loveAlong a wide and bright road. Virtuoso bypass all obstacles, in time to press the brakes and if necessary, then rush at full speed. And so that the engine does not fail, fill the tank with mutual understanding and patience. And let as soon as possible in your car there will be small passengers.

Dear children, I wish you to fill in the cleanThe canvas of your family life with bright colors and good drawings. Let the process of writing a painting last for many years and brings you pleasure. A good stork let him give you nice pink-cheeked helpers who will contribute their unique contribution to your family masterpiece.

Funny wedding toasts in verse

We drink champagne today
For a wonderful family.
Today you cheered up cheerfully
Dance all his relatives.
I wish you in life
In the rhythm of the dance, too, swim -
Then whirl in a gentle waltz,
Then tap the rhythm beat.
And today in your honor
Congratulations only.
What kind of stuff did I get?
It's so "bitter"!

Picking up this glass
For the beautiful I'm a kid.
Let and further only from happiness
The eyes are burning glowingly.
You want a big love
That which is only for ever,
It will come true without fail
Your common dream.

I want the ringing of the crystal
I broke out at that moment.
So that the bride was wise
And the groom was tolerant.
That the family lived only in happiness,
In joy and with money.
Sincerity of all wishes
I will prove it by no means -
Fill a full glass
It is indispensable only.
To drink and say:
How it is "bitter"!

For a wonderful I'm a Couple
I'm raising a toast today.
I wish the stork
Replenishment brought you,
To make money,
In your house was comfort.
Happiness, in general, you guys,
Come on! The guests are standing drinking!

Congratulatory toasts on the wedding in your own words from parents

Dear children, sad and happy to us now. It's sad to let go of the parents' home, but it's joyful that you found each other and created a beautiful family. We wish you all the happiness to be divided in half, and the sorrows and difficulties to solve together. Our house is always open to you. Remember, in the parents' house you are loved and always waiting. Patience to you and understanding, happiness and great love.

Dear children, today in your life a newHappy and difficult stage - family life. I wish you good luck in all your joint undertakings. After all, any cause, based on love and sincere affection, is doomed to success. Be united in your aspirations and you will succeed. Bitterly!

Before our very eyes, the history of yourRelations. We remember the first phone calls and long visits. Your feelings are stronger and stronger every day. And now, the long-awaited day has come and you have become a family! Let the story of your family life be also beautiful and touching. Love you, understanding, respect and patience. Be happy!

In our lives today is a very good day. After all, the family replenished with one more member and the time of grandchildren's appearance is inexorably approaching. Dear children, justify our hopes and expectations. We are sincerely happy for you. Live happily, in love and prosperity. Advice you to love!

Dear children, today you created a family and plantedYour love tree. I wish you to cherish and cherish and cherish. To a small twig turned into a tall and strong tree, which will give a rich harvest and in the shade of which it will be so nice to meet eternity. Take care of your tree: it will protect you from the rain, feed the sweet fruits, give strength and give hope. I wish you happiness, dear ones! And let the most bitter thing that you experience on your way will be the taste of champagne! Bitterly!

Short wedding toasts in verse

I wish you guys,
Let not life be, but paradise.
Today I drink your happiness,
Only succeed - fill!

I wish that peacefully
You lived in love together.
We are for your happiness today
Together we will drink and pour!

I will not keep you happy
With this sweetest day.
Together we are now with guests
For your luck drinking.

The wedding is good,
We are not tired at all,
Raise all the glasses
And we shout to you in chorus: "It's bitter!"

We drink to those who stamped,
Who is beautiful and in love.
You guys are celebrating now.
And we all drink together for you.

From the family we are replenishing
Soon everyone is waiting.
And for this proposal
A crystal ring will sound.

We wish you with optimism
Together only to peer into the distance.
For luck and happiness
It rings in all the crystal.

Original toasts for the newlyweds in their own words

I wish the young couple to be diligent students inSchool of family life. To pass all the exams of each other to five. Regularly attend both theoretical and practical classes. At the husband they pass in kitchen, at the wife - in garage. On the control does not carry cribs. To do this, you should immediately learn the name of your favorite football teams and the names of the best girlfriends. Allowed:
  • Write off from each other and share synopses
  • Conduct extra-curricular hours in the cinema, theater, club
  • To visit tutors in the image of beloved parents
And the main thing is to remember that it takes a lifetime to learn this wonderful skill. So, be patient and enjoy the process.

Best congratulations on the wedding in your own words, see here

I wish a young family of hypertonic levelLove, an elevated degree of passion, a high level of hormones of happiness, hypertrophied affluence and rapid heartbeats when looking at each other. And let your family organism live a long time in such a state of health.

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Toast to the wedding in your own words is the most vividAnd catchy words that give young and guests a lot of positive emotions. If you are going to have a wedding feast, be sure to consider kind and sincere words for a congratulatory speech. Your toast can be serious with instructions and teachings, and can be funny or comic. And it does not matter, by and large, in which style you choose a congratulation, the main thing is the desire to make pleasant to the young. Whatever you are at the wedding - a witness or friend, relative or acquaintance, your drinking speech will certainly please the newlyweds.
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