/ / Wedding of Navka and Peskov, the wedding of Borodina and Omarov, the wedding of Meladze and Brezhneva, the wedding of Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel, photo

The wedding of Navka and Peskov, the wedding of Borodino and Omarov, the wedding of Meladze and Brezhneva, the wedding of Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel, photo

The passing year was pleased with the number of celebrity weddings. It should be noted that many weddings have become a big surprise for the admirers of the stars. Allwomens Specially for his subscribers tried to highlight the weddings that sparked the most heated discussions in the network. We present you our rating of the most discussed and remembered weddings of 2015.

Weddings-2015: Tatyana Navka and Dmitry Peskov: The Attraction of Universes

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka once said about her relationship with Dmitry Peskov:
We were not that of different worlds - from different universes!
When it became known that the figure skater and press secretary of the president had a novel, many could not believe it.

On August 1, a magnificent celebration took place in Sochi,Which in one company were the stars of show business and politics. Due to the fact that the wedding was held in a closed format, the full composition of the guests is unknown. However, the next day on their pages in Instagram, not only guests shared bright pictures, but the bride herself posted several photos.
There were scandals. Initially, all the Internet discussed expensive Swiss watches on the arm of Peskov, and a few months later the eldest daughter of the Russian presidential press secretary, Lisa Peskova, in an interview with the "deserved master of provocations" Ksenia Sobchak stated that there was no wedding, but only staging.

Weddings-2015: Ksenia Borodina and Kurban Omarov: Winter's Tale

At the end of last year, Xenia Borodina did,Finally, a decisive step - finally broke off her three-year relationship with Mikhail Teryokhin. To come to, the host of "Doma-2" together with her friends actively visits various clubs and restaurants, where she meets a young man named Kurban Omarov. The couple immediately begins to meet, and soon Xenia receives from the new beloved the offer of the hand and heart, which Teryokhin could not decide for so long.
Xenia agrees and begins to prepare for the wedding, which was decided to play in September. However, unexpectedly (it is now clear why) Ksenia and Kurban carry the celebration to the beginning of June.

It was a truly marvelous wedding, decorated inStyle winter fairy tale. At the celebration there were a lot of star guests, and photo and video reports about the splendid holiday instantly got on the Internet, so that everyone could watch the wedding.

Weddings-2015: Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze: a mystery with seven seals

At the very end of October, the Internet was literally blown upThe latest news about the wedding of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze. Over the past few years, rumors of a novel by a talented composer and a beautiful singer have appeared with an enviable periodicity. However, to the questions of journalists, Vera invariably replied that she and Constantine had exclusively working and friendly relations. Even the fact that the couple was repeatedly caught by the paparazzi leaving the same entrance in the morning did not give 100% certainty that Meladze and Brezhneva, who have known each other for many years, have a close relationship. (Well, a little, sat up in a friendly evening, and stayed overnight on a free couch?)

The wedding took place in a small ItalianThe town of Forte dei Marmi. The married couple still refuses to give any comments about their secret wedding. Fans are content with a pair of fuzzy photos and a small video clip from the phone, which shows how Brezhnev in a wedding dress, covering her face with a bouquet, quickly runs out of the city hall and sits down in the car.

Weddings-2015: Ivan Krasko and Natalia Shevel: love of all ages ...

This was the most controversial and most discussed wedding of the outgoing year 2015. Young 24-year-old actress Natalia Shevel on September 9 married actor Ivan Krasko, who is 60 years older than her.
Even before the wedding ceremony, the online communityArgued until hoarse, discussing the details of the upcoming life of the newlyweds. Despite the noise that did not stop in the press, the wedding took place. Ivan Krasko appeared at the ceremony in a military uniform, in which he served in the army. In the building of the Admiralty registry office of St. Petersburg there were more journalists than guests.

Despite the skeptics' assumption thatThis marriage is nothing more than a PR for a young actress, today the spouses are full of idyll. Natalia and Ivan Ivanovich are happy, despite even problems with housing - the couple live in the apartment of the daughter-in-law and the senior grandson of the actor.

Weddings-2015: Ksenia Syabitova and Andrei Snetkov: mother-in-law's holiday

The All-Russian matchmaker fulfilled her cherished dream - she married her 23-year-old daughter Ksenia. The elect of the daughter, a young lawyer Andrey Snetkov, was also chosen by the captious TV presenter herself.

The celebration was thought by the famous matchmaker to the smallest detail, and was held in the Tatar traditions. Both the meeting and the blessing of the young were performed accompanied by artists dressed in national costumes.

On the wedding to the daughter of Rosa Syabitova cameMany famous guests. As it later became known, the event cost the star "Let's get married" at 15 million rubles. True, it was possible to save on the toast - Rosa Syabitova herself took the lead. However, the whole celebration was more like the feast of the most recent mother-in-law - all the attention of those present was riveted to it, and one of the guests even presented the newlyweds with a portrait of Syabitova.

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