/ Original congratulations on the wedding in verse. Congratulations to the newlyweds from their sister, brother, parents

Original congratulations on the wedding in verse. Congratulations to the newlyweds from their sister, brother, parents

The wedding is often associated with the townsfolk with whiteThe dress of the bride, the dress of the groom, the noisy meal, the cries of "bitterly" and cheerful music. But this is a whole mystery, in which two souls become one. And what will be the future of the young family largely depends on sincere and kind words that will be told to the newlyweds on this day. The original congratulation on the day of marriage is not only a set of beautiful words, but also a powerful energy message to the newly-made family. Wishes from parents, relatives, friends and acquaintances can be playful or touching, but the main thing is positive emotions and sincerity during congratulations. The best original congratulations for the wedding await you in our today's article.

The original congratulation on the wedding day for the newlyweds in verse

Separately, you lived,
We went on different shores,
And I once gave
Meet this fate to you.
And today halves
They became whole forever.
You want to live in prosperity,
Understanding all the years.
Let, as before excites
The image is sweet and dear.
Let from any roads and distances
Pulls you always home.

You are a family now,
So, there is no closer and dearer.
And all the complex tasks
To overcome you is more cheerful.
Your union is a gift from above,
Take care of this gift.
To help will let you recruit
Sorcery, family charms
In the understanding live,
With a sense of humor always.
And love will repay with interest
I wish you happiness for the word "Yes"!

The sweetest and most desirable
Among the bonds of all the union
This is the one that was indicated
A stamp of glorious marriage ties.
You have entered into it boldly,
Do not be shy and further to you.
Hardships are divided together,
Honestly - all in half.
And then any joy
Brighter than you will be.
Only together, only close -
Ahead of you, on a horse.

March sounded today in the registry office,
We cried with happiness all,
Our pair is a feast,
Here they stand in all their glory.
Stay on the rise
I wish you further.
And to keep the union beautiful
From grievances, griefs, dramas.
Take love for yourself only to help,
If something does not grow together.
I wish you happiness, guys, now,
I want everything to come true.

Congratulations on the wedding of the newlyweds from the parents of the bride and groom in prose

Today, a sweet girl will enter our house as her daughter. We are grateful to our son for this wonderful gift. On the day of your wedding, dear children, I would like to wish you a lot of worldly wisdom and patience. A cheerful holiday will be played off, solemn outfits will be hidden in the closet, everyday life will come. Keep the romance of your relationship and carry it through life. It will never let your family hearth cool. No matter how tired you get tired at the end of the day, find a minute for warm communication. This exchange of information and emotions will give strength to you and strengthen your union, make you truly one. Learn to tolerate each other's weaknesses, not to notice lack of emphasis on dignity. It will not always be easy, but you have to get it. After all, your marriage is not only stamped in your passport, it is fastened with love. And with this feeling there is nothing impossible. I wish you happiness, dear children!

Congratulating you, dear children, we want to say thatHusband and wife are figures. Wife - 0, the husband - 1. And on how these numbers will be in a series, much depends. If you, daughter, as a wise wife become for your husband, then you raise the rating of your family to 10, but if you try to get ahead, then above a unit you can not rise. I want to wish that the wisdom of the wife always brings additional points to your family, and tolerance and understanding of the husband - nourished and strengthened your marriage. If all your strengths are directed at improving your family hearth, it will keep you warm for many years. Love one another and be happy. After all, being happy is a habit, if you educate it in yourself, you will not be intimidated by any difficulties. Expend your family and do not delay with replenishment. After all, children are the most beautiful joint project of husband and wife.

Original short congratulations on the wedding in verse (sms)

Per day the beautiful will not tire
To dance at all,
And for the second time we'll shout to you:
Happy and bitter!

Signalized cars -
Wedding then your motorcade,
I wish you a happy day
Only come true hopes.

Ringed steel
You are now one family.
Happiness to you, love and children
From the heart I wish.

Signatures had to be delivered,
Do you have a document,
What happened today
In life, an important, oh, moment.
Let the press that today
They put you in your passport.
They will bring great happiness,
What is only half-and-half.

I wish the family happiness,
To replenish, grow in breadth.
Let rather a good stork
He will bring you the fruit of love.

Husband, wife - no longer a joke,
This is the status for a year.
This title is pleasant,
Sweet will always be to you.

Happiness will be immeasurable,
Only the family grows.
Children's laughter, love and faithfulness
Will be with you forever.

Congratulations on a beautiful day,
Let the start be high.
All obstacles will leave
Behind the family, landing.

I want to congratulate you on a wonderful couple.
Good luck and happiness - it suits you.
Love immensely, appreciate always
Great business with the name is family.

Let the hands be one,
Your thoughts and hearts.
I congratulate you on your wedding,
Only together - to the end.

Children are flowers of life,
Will now I will give the words:
Be engaged in gardening,
Here is the decree today for you.

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Beautiful congratulations to the young at the wedding from brothers and sisters in prose

Here are a few congratulations for the wedding in your own words. It is not necessary to teach everything word for word. You can take meaning and express wishes to the newlyweds with your tongue.

My dear sister, you are already a wife. You've always been my best friend, and today I've become a true friend to one and only and forever. It's hard for me to restrain the tears of joy and emotion, looking at you in this snow-white dress. I want to be a wise and loving wife, a reliable support for my husband and a beautiful mother to your children. And my new brother wants to wish him courage and patience. After all, my sister has pepper. So endurance to you is useful. I ask you to cherish and cherish it, because it is the most valuable thing that we have and today we whole family give it to you. And most importantly, guys, take care and appreciate each other. No one will do it better than you do. Advice you to love! Bitterly!

My beloved brother, here you are so serious andImportant, in a chic suit. But recently we ran barefoot in puddles and fought for toys. Today you became the head of the family, took great responsibility, bear this title worthy, protect the woman who is given to you from above, perfect your family hearth. And to you, dear sister, I wish for a deep feminine wisdom and patience. You two - understanding, mutual help, support and love. May this day be the beginning of a new life for you. What it will be, depends only on you. Go to concessions, find compromises, do not fold before difficulties. And do it all with love. I wish you happiness, my family.

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At the wedding, there are always many warm words inAddress of the newlyweds. Parents, witnesses, brothers and sisters, friends - all want to invest in their wishes a piece of warmth and tenderness. It does not matter in what form your original congratulation will be on the wedding: you will read the verse or say it in your own words, cry or laugh with a funny congratulation, you can even organize a scene or sing a song ... The main thing is sincerity and positive. Walk with pleasure at weddings of your loved ones, laugh and have fun. After all, the aura of happiness and delight will be transferred to a young family and make their life sweet and beautiful.
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