/ How a loving man behaves. When a man is in love, how he behaves

How a man in love behaves. When a man is in love, how he behaves

How do men change love?

When we fall in love, inevitable changesOccur at the chemical level. In the blood begins to go off the level of adrenaline, which leads to excessive sweating and a feeling of dryness in the mouth. Sometimes a person in the literal sense of "legs are shaken". Another hormone, dopamine, gives a sense of euphoria. So, if on the face of your chosen one a blissful smile wanders, then he is definitely in love. Insidious serotonin provokes mood swings, bouts of nervousness and even panic.

Watch carefully for the behavior of a man. The true signs of falling in love are:

  • Constant attempts to correct something in own image: to smooth hair, to shake off nonexistent specks, aspiration to clean boots at any possible case
  • Superfluous gestures, indicating nervousness, for example, picking objects on the table
  • Broken and awkward. If a man has dropped a book five times in your presence or spilled coffee, he is definitely not indifferent to you.

How does a man in love behave with a girl?

If a man falls in love, he seeks to draw attention to his own person. The ways are different, sometimes the guy's behavior seems ridiculous or even rude. How does a man in love behave?

  • Trying constantly to entertain you or make you laugh. He becomes the soul of the company, pours jokes and jokes, during the conversation he constantly throws anxious glances at you and waits for reaction. Often the topic for conversation is his success in his personal and professional life. Listen, he seems to scream: "Pay attention, I'm good, I'm worthy of you."
  • If a modest programmer suddenly became a brazen macho,Then he is definitely in love. A little cheeky and brash behavior is another attempt to attract attention and gain sympathy. Many men think that a shy romantic can not achieve reciprocity, and a brutal male is what any girl dreams about. Do not laugh at timid attempts, accept the game that you are offered.
  • The most pleasant manifestation of feelings becomecare and attention. A man in love listens attentively to the object of his passion, begins to take an interest in her life, tries to share hobbies. It is only necessary to ask and the knight will come to the rescue, solve all your problems and will not demand anything in return. However, do not shamelessly use this and take the fan as a faithful servant. He can switch to a more sensitive girl, able to appreciate his efforts.
  • A man in love is capable of stupidity andRecklessness. Someone starts to write poetry or send huge bouquets of roses, someone writes on the asphalt of recognition or launches into the sky a hundred balloons. Often a sign of falling in love is all-consuming jealousy, as a result - fights for the hand and heart of a beautiful lady. Many girls now object that this behavior is reminiscent of the primitive communal system, but deep down everyone wants to be called for a duel.

Girls, be attentive to others around youBoys, and then you will surely understand their non-verbal signals. We did not tell about all the secrets of the behavior of loving men, share your observations in the comments.

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