/ / Congratulations on the wedding in your own words in prose. Original congratulations on the wedding in your own words in verse

Congratulations on the wedding in your own words in prose. Original congratulations on the wedding in your own words in verse

A wedding is not just a celebration of two loversHearts. This is the starting point for a new, often uneasy, but happy life. Memories of the day of marriage married couple cherished for years in the album with photos, greeting cards and video discs. It is not surprising that on this memorable day young people are waiting for beautiful and touching wishes from those who came to share this joyful event with them. Congratulations on your wedding day can be in verse or prose, expressed in your own words or recorded on a postcard. The main thing is that all wishes on the day of marriage should be sincere and go from the heart. Let your simple wedding wishes be filled with love and kindness.

Funny congratulations on your wedding day in your own words in verse

Black coat, veil and dress,
Light wedding bouquet -
The day is solemn, beautiful
You are happier in the world.
Let me remember the magic
This is the best day.
Has struck today a stamp
The registry office has a difficult target.
I wish you understanding,
Splashes of feelings, great love.
So that life could not be difficult
Hand in hand to pass.

The rings you put on today,
They swore in great love.
I wish you promises
These you contain their own.
Let the patience be of help,
Passion and passionate love.
To admire each other
Every day you again and again.
Let your family ship
Boldly floats on the waves.
Together in joy and sorrow
The burden to you is to share your worries.

You have become a family today,
Congratulations to you mine.
I wish you prosperity,
Children of glorious and love.
To the days of empty quarrels
Recalled that day
And the union did not concern
Distrust your shadow!
Do not keep evil for long,
To nothing in the family discord.
The one who loves without looking back
It's never my fault.

You have become one,
Half of the two agreed.
Ahead you have a big,
Not always an easy life.
Wish the power of feeling
You do not lose in the way.
It will become easier at that moment,
How to hug your beloved.
Only together do not break you
Evil winds of dashing fate.
Happiness to you, big luck,
Let dreams come true!

Beautiful congratulations on the wedding in your own words in prose

Dear newlyweds! I wish you to remember forever this happy and bright day that you have been waiting for. In moments of family quarrels, and they happen to all couples, remember the sparkling eyes of each other in a moment when you were declared a husband and wife. Carry in the soul through the years this quivering feeling, keep the freshness and romance in your relationship. Family life - is a daily hard work, patience and work on yourself. Build and improve your union. After all, the reward is worth it! With you there is that person next to whom it is easy, calm and secure. A man whose one presence fills life with a special meaning. Love and take care of each other. Be happy! Bitterly!

What is family? This is the unity of the soul, body, thoughts and dreams with one, unique, unrepeatable person. Today you became a family, and, therefore, you are very lucky in life - you met your missing half. I wish you to appreciate this great gift of fate, because it is not given to everyone. I wish the young wife the strength not to notice the female stupidity, and the newly-made wife - the wisdom not to pay attention to the male weaknesses. In order not to happen in life, always look for a compromise and take care of the fragile inner world of each other. Love you a huge, tenderness, awe, patience and understanding. May you live happily ever after!

Dear children, on the day of your marriage I want toWish you everything in your family was one. One faith, one dream and one love that can not be measured and described. Look always in one direction, give in and feel sorry for each other. Be careful not to hurt your loved one with a harsh word or act, support your soul mate in moments of triumph and despair. You have found each other in this vast world, and this is not easy. Therefore, save and perfect this great gift of fate. Tenderness and romance to you in relationships, ardor and passion on the matrimonial bed, understanding and patience in the harsh family life. Love you and happiness! Bitterly!

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Short wishes for the wedding in your own words in verse

The sound of glasses, mothers cry,
You are already a family.
On the day of the solemn I wish
I wish you happiness.

I wish a young family
So that you had the prosperity,
We lived in happiness, understanding,
In a good moment and a difficult hour.

Whirls you today whirlwind
A beautiful wedding waltz.
So live, as if in a dance,
Not keeping eyes together.

Swan fidelity,
Immense tenderness,
Feelings delicious,
Sex of the hypersensitive,
On the day of the beautiful wedding
Wish we are happy.

On legal grounds
In the life of each other you have entered,
Let the hot nights be,
Days are happy, good.

Short congratulations on marrying your own words

Dear newlyweds, I congratulate you on the beginningFamily life and I wish you a lot of love. This beautiful feeling joined your hearts and led to such a responsible decision. So let love continue to be your faithful companion: it gives strength and inspiration, helps you not to notice the shortcomings of each other, lifts onto the pedestal and softens the blows of fate.

Now you are a husband and wife - and this is not just a status, butStyle of life and state of mind. I wish you enjoy this, so far new, but so inviting side of life. Wear with pride the title of spouse and wife, stand for your family with a mountain and with great affection treat each other.

On your wedding day, dear newlyweds, I wishAs soon as possible to realize your most important joint project - to acquire an heir. Let your family grow and replenish, cheerful children's laughter always sounds in your house, small feet stamp on the rooms, and the heart is filled with joy and delight.

What is true love? She does not reproach or envy, she believes and forgives everything, she endures and sacrifices, she saves and gives wings, she gives hope and lights the light in the darkness. Dear newlyweds, I wish you to live with true love, and then your union will be strong and indestructible.

On the bright day of your wedding, I want to wish thatFamily life was like a dance. Spin in the sublime waltz among the gray everyday life, ignite in ardent tango on ardent nights, find out the relationship in the rhythm of the expressive pasodoble, rejoice and laugh in the rhythm of the cheerful cha-cha-cha, and overcome difficulties in the style of enchanting foxtrot.

Wishes for newlyweds from friends with their own words in verse

So to hold - we will together say,
We praise your strong union.
Feel the desire for sweetness
These strong, marriage ties.
Additions in the family
We, of course, very much look forward to.
Let it be light and harmonious
Will be in your world.

With a bachelor party said goodbye
Life is now forever.
Let it be happiness ahead
Only full years.
You need to take care of the hearth
We would like to wish you all the same.
About friends of their cheerful
Also you do not forget.

To memorize the day of marriage to the newlywedsAs the happiest in their lives, be generous with warm and touching words. You do not need to be a great poet - beautiful simple congratulations on marrying your own words, spoken from the heart, will surely please happy young people. Even short congratulations in prose, in which you have invested a piece of the soul, will be a wonderful gift to the newly-born family. Rejoice your loved ones with beautiful congratulations on your wedding, because nothing is more important than the warmth of the soul, convicted in simple kind words.
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