/ / Parting with a scorpion man, how to do it right and not offend. Features of parting with the scorpion.

Parting with a scorpion man, how to do it right and not offend. Features of parting with the scorpion.

Secrets of a wise woman: how to part with a scorpion man

Your decisions should be based on a relationshipMale scorpion to you. If your relationship is tense, quarrels and misunderstandings occur more often, cold and indifference are felt, it will not be difficult to leave such a man. But what if the person has the warmest feelings for you, and you in your heart understand that you are not on the same path with him? Try to make the break as painless as possible.

Do not be naive to believe that it will workPrimitive excuses like "we are too different" or "you need another." No, scorpions are just provocative, because by nature they are persistent and will never miss the "bird" that wants to escape from their hands. Also, there will be no assurances about the presence of another man in your life - he will be jealous of you, but he will not let go. It is possible that the temper of the scorpion can induce him to, in a way, duel with the enemy.

Before you part with a scorpion man, you must make sure that he has his own thoughts on how to finish your romance as quickly as possible.

They do not like it when they are not considered with their opinion, notListen, ignore. Try to spend less time with him, neglect talking about personal, capricious and demand the impossible. This tactic practically gives a guarantee that eventually the man will cool down to you and he himself will be glad to finish the relationship.

How is the separation of a scorpion man?

If the break was preceded by indifference and yourWhims, you can not doubt, you will not wait for special suffering from the scorpion. It is likely that soon he will start looking for a replacement. If the separation was sudden, the poor fellow can retire for a long time. But despite the depression, you will not hear a call or requests for a meeting from him - pride will not allow.

Be ready that the scorpion will entertain your mutual acquaintances with convincing stories about how you are unworthy of it.

What will be the behavior if the scorpion decides to part?

Everything is much simpler here. If the scorpion decided to leave - it can be seen right away. First, the number of calls and meetings will decrease drastically, important business will immediately appear. It is likely that this man wants to put all the points on "i". It's unlikely he will give you another chance. Most likely, he will blame you for all mortal sins and retire from your life forever.

Trying to return the scorpion is a terrible thing. Call, impose, ask for a meeting - all this, as a rule, does not give any special results, except that it is disturbed by his ego.

Perhaps your scorpion is an exception to the rule. But, it is worth admit, all of the above applies to most of them.

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