/ / Congratulations on your wedding day. Best greetings and original wishes for a wedding day for parents.

Congratulations on your wedding day. Best greetings and original wishes for a wedding day for parents.

If the bride and groom have lived for 10 years, then suchThe wedding is considered pink or tin. The 20th anniversary is called porcelain, and the 20th is called pearl. In these special days, young people expect pleasant and warm words from relatives and friends. We are ready to offer you poetic and prosaic congratulations.

Congratulations on porcelain and satin wedding

Twenty years after the weddingA porcelain wedding is celebrated. This is probably the most exquisite anniversary, because relations between spouses are like the finest Chinese porcelain. A special place is given to children. They are not adults yet, but they are not kids yet, they value relationships in the family and will gladly congratulate their parents.


Let many years have rushed from that time,
When first met each other,
When the wedding rattled before dawn,
And you began to be called a wife.

Thank you that I am in the world,
Your fruit is love - beautiful, bright, clean.
Let the news of happiness fly on the ground
And reflected in the eyes of the radiant.

Lovely parents, with the anniversary of the wedding
I look and see, as if in real life:
Daddy in a suit, mom in a white dress,
Result: in the world with you I live.


An excellent reason
To compose a laudatory verse
After all, today is the anniversary
At my parents!

Deserved, dear ones,
You are a huge medal
«For unearthly efforts
In the preservation of marriage. " Steel

Your alliance, not otherwise.
Relatives - a diamond.
I am indebted to you for not being paid.
My son is insanely happy!

How proud I am, my relatives,
And I take an example always!
Stay young,
Do not be sad never!


Twenty years ago they played a wedding,
Twenty years - a happy family!
There is a car, an apartment, there is a farmstead,
You have children, and there are friends!

Let and everything will be all right:
A full cup will let your house,
And in the family everything in your will be smooth,
And love burns in hearts with fire!


24th anniversary is a satin wedding. This is not a round date, so it is celebrated with the family. Nevertheless, we offer an original greeting for a satin wedding.


Your love keeps you young,
In the eyes does not fade a bright twinkle;
I remember you always just like that,
When the castle was taken from the heart.

Congratulations on the anniversary of your wedding.
And I want to wish for many years,
So that you live, inspiring each other,
Having opened and me your magic secret.


Congratulations on the pearl wedding

It is customary to give pearl jewelry to a pearl wedding. Words of congratulations should also be precious.


Everyone gathered today at a lavish table,
So that you may say kind and warm words to you,
Let your house be a full cup,
God grant you do not mourn and do not despond.

With a pearl wedding, we congratulate you,
I wish you health and happiness,
Live in peace, parents, up to a hundred,
May God protect you always.


Quite often celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary are organized by parents of children. We offer to read congratulations from children on a pearl wedding.


30 years live together, lovely parents,
All the barriers of the family you have come out victorious,
A huge family gathered at the table,
You can immediately see that your fate has generously rewarded you.

Let your life flow the river,
Among the reliable and durable shores,
Let your path illuminates,
A bright star called love


Dear parents, you have a holiday today,
Pearl wedding anniversary,
Bowing low to you and gratitude,
We wish only happy, happy days.

Let the good luck smile,
Let life flow with a honey river,
May the children and grandchildren please you,
Be always kept by destiny.

30 years have flown by quickly, imperceptibly,
Here already the grandchildren congratulate you,
Let luck accompanies you by all means,
Let the meeting with you everyone be happy.

Lovely parents, we take an example from you,
You, as constellations of good for us,
Hope, faith and love have always been with you,
Therefore, our family is strong and friendly.


Wishes for a golden wedding

A golden, fiftieth anniversary, the anniversary of family lifeIs celebrated widely and fairly solemnly. The newlyweds repeat oaths and give each other new rings, while the old ones become a family relic. To the spouses again feel young, give them funny and original congratulations.



A golden wedding! This is class!
Grandma and grandfather - hurray!
Young, slim, and near you
The children grow up with a squeal.

The knot of affairs, as before, does not talk,
And from ungodliness is grace:
Feed all grandchildren and grandchildren,
They will give a big ticket to life!

Grandma, teach to read, play;
Mastery, walk, sing with us, grandfather ...
If you were in paradise during your lifetime,
Then the end of love and happiness - no!


Mother-in-law and father-in-law


Golden you, mother-in-law with your father-in-law -
Fifty years you live together,
A "granny" with "grandfather" instead of
Young groom, bride!

In your fate everything was -
Bent life and mercilessly beat,
Hurricanes happened, stranded ...
You love to save!

So live still you together
Years in health and happiness of two hundred
All for the joy of relatives and children!
Your wedding we will celebrate the century!


Twenty-five and twenty-five -
The Golden Marvel.
How nice to congratulate
Two people are happy.

How nice to update
Rings of gold.
And of course, repeat:
Peace to you, dear!

And, of course, heat,
And with might and main - health,
That life has always been
Full of love.

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