/ What is urological massage and what is it for?

What is urological massage and what is it for?

What is the benefit of urological massage?

This type of treatment is applicable in all its manifestationsProstatitis, other than infectious, as the patient will be intolerably hurt. In all other cases, the effect of this technique comes after the tenth regular session. The thing is that thanks to rhythmic strokes, blood circulation improves, which, in turn, accelerates the regeneration of damaged prostate tissue. To eliminate the inflammatory reaction, massage should be performed using zinc cream, which must be rubbed into the rectum of the patient. Before the treatment of a sick man, one must be convinced that there is nothing degrading in this method and that it is better than to admit complication of this disease.

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How correctly to perform uomassage?

Before starting the procedure, the patientMake a enema wash. It is better to make enema on the basis of a warm chamomile broth that perfectly removes irritation and inflammation of the affected tissues. After this, the masseur must wear medical gloves and apply a petroleum dipstick to the index finger. Lubrication must also be applied to the entrance of the anal opening - this will reduce pain. To enter a finger it is necessary until you find a small seal, which will consist of two parts. Inflammation, most often, it is the right side that is the one that should be massaged. Movements should not be sharp, it will be better if they are of an easy stroking nature. As soon as the prostate gland has warmed up, gently remove the finger and lubricate it with zinc cream. We repeat the procedure again.

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It is very important to feel not only the gland itself, butAnd control the force of pressing. Too pressures can provoke not only severe pain, but also complications. Therefore, before conducting a better consultation with a doctor, or grant the implementation of this procedure to him personally.

Urological massage is best performed twice a day: in the morning after awakening and before going to bed. It is during these hours that our body is ready for such interventions.

Try to convince the patient that storiesAbout uro-massage is a stupid stereotype that can prevent complete recovery. Surely, a person will understand that it is better to suffer the sessions of this procedure than to suffer the consequences after a lifetime. Do not forget that our health is only in our hands!

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