/ Techniques for performing a massage for the prostate.

The technique of performing massage of the prostate.

How to properly perform a prostate massage

First of all, a man should be relaxed. Before performing a massage it is important to adjust it to the right way, to convince you that there is nothing wrong and shameful in your actions, on the contrary, it will receive unearthly pleasure.

Before the session it is important to prepare:

  • The room should be warm, from the light it is desirable to light one or two candles;
  • Prepare vaseline or a special intimate lubricant;
  • Massage is preferably performed in a condom;
  • Your hands should be warm.

So, everything is clear with the preparatory part, nowIt is necessary to get acquainted with the technique of performing massage of the prostate. To do this, gently enter your index finger into the anus. For smooth entry it is important to lubricate the finger in the condom and the very anal ring. When deepening by 3-5 cm, you should feel a rounded seal, consisting of two parts - this is the prostate. Movements should in the beginning be stroking, later you can change their circular. A special pleasure for men is obtained by rhythmic pressure on the gland. It is at this point that the erection can be strengthened. If your young man has a special sensitivity, then, it is likely from your actions, he can get an orgasm.</ P>

Watch the intensity of your movements, becauseAs an excessive effort can cause a sharp pain, after which the man will disappear not only the desire to continue, but it is unlikely he will again allow you to this again.

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This kind of massage can be used as a preludeTo sex or as a special way to achieve orgasm. Massaging the prostate gland affects the duration of the sexual act (it becomes longer) and the quality of orgasmic sensations (they will be brighter and longer). In addition, prostate massage can help in erectile dysfunction, treatment of some forms of male infertility, but this requires consultation with a urologist.

Contraindications to prostate massage

Despite the pleasure that you canGive your man this way, this kind of massage has its own contraindications, the ignoring of which can lead to serious consequences. These include:

  • Hemorrhoids or anal fissures;
  • Tuberculosis of the prostate;
  • Elevated body temperature and infectious diseases;
  • BPH;
  • Acute prostatitis;

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As you already understood, massage of the prostate does not giveOnly pleasure, but also some benefit in a sexual life. Try to do this massage to your lover, and you will see how much your intimate affinity will change for the better. Throw aside all doubts and stereotypes aside and get from life a buzz!

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