/ / A detailed guide and advice on anal sex.

Detailed guidance and advice on anal sex.

Myths about anal sex

Women, as creatures emotional, love themselvesTo wind up on different occasions, and also to invent excuses if some idea does not like them very much. Fortunately, some of their experiences are completely groundless. Lovely ladies, let's get rid of the legends cultivated for many generations together - consider together some of the most common prejudices about anal sex:

  • Myth 1: "It's painful, unaesthetic, and in general, it's disgusting." There is an insignificant part of the truth in this statement - the process can really not be pleasant, if not prepared in advance.
  • Myth 2: "It's impossible to have pleasure from anal sex." Again, it all depends on the degree of your preparation, not only physical, but also moral - if you set yourself up, that this is a disgusting procedure that does not bring satisfaction, it will be so.
  • Myth 3: "My chair will be broken later and, in general, this is dangerous for health." Of course, if you do not use enough lubricant and strengthen the muscles of the anus, there is a high probability of anorectal dysfunction (when the sphincter is damaged, the rectum is unable to control the bowel movements). However, with simple rules, this possibility is reduced to zero.

Tips sexologist: how to properly engage in anal sex

In fact, if properly prepared,Anal sex can bring incredible satisfaction to both partners, since the rectal opening is one of the erogenous zones in women, and for men it is of great importance that the muscles in the anus are much more tightly wrapped around the penis.

  • First of all, it is necessary to prepare an anus to the act itself - take care of its hygiene and expand it, abundantly lubricating your fingers and inserting them into the anal opening, gently massaging.
  • Huge importance in obtaining pleasure andEmotional pain is minimized, as well as the choice of the right pose for penetration - for example, legs pressed to the abdomen in a position on the side.
  • Do not forget about the abundant grease - do not be afraid to go too far with it in this case. It is best to choose a special anti-inflammatory and disinfectant.
  • In anal sex, the presence ofA condom - firstly, it is an obligatory condition of hygiene of the process, and, secondly, lower risk of picking up any disease, since the rectal mucosa is very sensitive to infections.
  • Penetration should be as slow as possible andNeat - it is best to introduce a member gradually. Forget about porn videos that promote hard anal sex - usually, porn stars are preparing for such an act for a long time.
  • After the completion of anal intercourse, it is necessary several times to compress the muscles of the anus - they will soon come to their usual state, and also lubricate it with a gentle cream or gel.
  • If you have entered into the taste of anal sex - do not overdo it: to maintain muscle tone and preserve the microflora of the rectum, you should not do it 1-2 times a month.

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Remember, if your sex life has turned into a kind of routine "obligatory", then this is a wonderful way to revive relationships and to please each other with new erotic sensations.

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