/ How to get rid of false psychological attitudes?

How to get rid of false psychological attitudes?

In fact, this inability to "change the head"It hinders us. It makes it easier for us to treat something, live to the fullest, do not be afraid of tomorrow ... let's think about it and answer honestly whether these statements concern us:
  • One lucky in life, and others - pathological losers.
  • Everything is given to me with great difficulty and complexity.
  • At me in certain areas at the most inopportune moment everything collapses.
  • A happy tale of life is not my story.
And if at least one question you answerAffirmatively, this means that you need to conduct an audit in your mind, understand which beliefs spoil your life, and learn how to manage them.

I'm an inspector!
But let's first make an excursion into ourpast. Each person comes from childhood, and our consciousness is something like a vacuum cleaner, which collects everything that he sees and hears around. And depending on what is more "vacuumed" our consciousness, and our life develops.

Let's explain: Our consciousness is such that once one learns to do something in one way, it is sure that it is simply impossible to fulfill a task in another way. Therefore, the first step to "cure from attitudes" is to review "our reality."

Usually we find any reasons forJustify it. The work is bad - there is no "shaggy paw", the husband drinks - all muzhiks are alcoholics, this guy is better not to meet - he is a womanizer, etc. It is these thoughts and feelings that do not allow us to give out the best result.

And then the next step of our audit is to ask ourselvesThe question: am I satisfied with the result that I received? If, nevertheless, you honestly admitted that the "results" of your life do not suit you, then it is necessary to work with your belief system, since it is in it that the trigger mechanism of your problems is located.

Settings are formed in the family and environment - thisaxiom. The parental worldview has a huge impact on children's thinking and worldview in the future. One of the parents wants to raise a child in his own image and likeness, based on his own experience. Others want to raise a pile opposite, so that the child's life is better than they have. And only a minimal part of the popes and mothers think that the child has his own character, which needs to be strengthened. In addition to parents, our worldview and beliefs, of course, are affected by society. A person is formed before the age of 25, and as we grow up, any social group (school, street, institute, work) has a direct or indirect influence on our belief system, from which we will see, evaluate and act. In other words, our belief system is like glasses, through which we perceive life in every moment. And it depends on this perception, what action our consciousness will choose in a particular situation.

Our personal experience
It is negative experience that makes us believeIn the existing in the mindset of the installation. Suppose, one day, because of your laziness or during the decadence of the spirit, you decided to perform certain "actions", but these actions were not strong and rather mediocre, did not show the proper pressure and diligence in carrying out the task. Accordingly, the results of the efforts made disappointed you. From here, you subconsciously came to the conclusion that any manipulation in this direction leads to insignificant results. And if this is repeated more than once, a person will form a view that he can not do much, that is, he subconsciously begins to limit his potential. Another time, such a person will already think that his capabilities are small, and therefore, he will act far from active and energetic. For example, we are offered a higher and more responsible position, a new place of work, we doubt (although we so like the offer!) And even refuse, because "I have never worked in this position, I'm not sure I can manage" or "this not mine". It turns out that others in us believe, and we ourselves?

The next damage that unmanagedIneffective beliefs, when we doubt others, completing the negative result by fantasy and acting through the prism of the formed beliefs. And who will like it, what do they doubt? So we lose friends ...

Most often their negative role of persuasionPlay in such areas as love, money, personal perspectives. We so do not want, so we are afraid of making mistakes, that from caution we begin to give preference to those beliefs, to those thoughts that force us to act half-heartedly, without giving ourselves completely to the process. "Do not put pressure on a person, do not show initiative, I will only do this or that - and not more - for this salary." I'm not going to show feelings, or else he becomes conceited and will abuse my feelings "... These are incorrect settings. Instead, it is necessary to concentrate on creating those beliefs that will help you to be yourself, to speak openly, to make mistakes, to correct, not to endure fiasco. That is, live in full force!

Happy future
Small but significant changes in the imageThinking can open the way to great personal success. All people who have achieved success and succeed in life have proactivity, psychologists say. What is this and how to bring it up in yourself?

Proactivity is the main property of human nature, helping, despite the circumstances, to achieve results. This concept includes:

Activity is an active life position. There is nothing superfluous and unnecessary, everything is a building material for the present and the future.

Responsibility is an informed approach to choice,Strategies and results. Do not do what is familiar or have done before you have thousands of people. And to do what is necessary to achieve a high result. And if you analyze your life and start living proactively, the results will not keep you waiting. So go ahead - do not be afraid to build your future!

Answer these 10 personal questions:
  1. Are people selfish or have you not yet found an effective way to influence people?
  2. Which is better: to risk or regret the missed opportunities?
  3. What are you more worried about: do things right or do the right things?
  4. What should not you pay attention to, and what is really important?
  5. Is it worth pursuing the time and trying to do everything in time or to let go of things and live in your rhythm?
  6. Do you think that others are right that they are more talented, more fortunate, more resolute than you, or are you (yet) a diamond unbounded?
  7. What do you choose: still spend your time, fill the bumps or finally consciously create a happy life?
  8. What will you choose: to live through thorns to the stars (and this is not a fact) or to learn how to think effectively?
  9. What personal barriers to your life-filled life do you need to eliminate?
  10. Who or what can help you become more successful in love, career, finances?
After you answer these questions, you will already have a picture of what you want now from yourself, from your life, and at what particular moments you need a revision.
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