/ Why do men love anal sex?

Why do men love anal sex?

If we ask modern men aboutTheir preferences in bed, the majority likes, oddly enough, anal sex. And those who did not practice dream about this. What is it that attracts the people of this kind of intimacy? Before answering this important question, it is worthwhile to understand what is generally meant by "anal sex".

The word to sexologists

The term "anal sex" should be understoodAs sexual intercourse by introducing a dildo or male sexual organ in the back passage. Like other types of sex, this type is designed to receive a sexual satisfaction.

Why men like anal sex

Previously, this phenomenon occurred onlyAmong single-pair pairs. Taboo on the occupation of such a variant of sex was associated with the depletion of the concept of sexuality as part of a love relationship. Over time, the boundaries have blurred, and now every third man actively "has behind" his partner.

As always, it has its supportersAnd opponents. First of all, of course, we need to consider the reasons why men love anal sex. Among them, two main groups, physiological and psychological, should be distinguished.

Physical sensations

In comparison with vaginal sex, the anal does not have many physiological advantages.

The first of these is thatA narrow aperture is guaranteed to give a man a thrill. Women's vagina is prone to stretch over time, and after pregnancy it will more easily cover the male "scepter of power." Of course, this is all correctable with the help of special exercises for the internal muscles. But why wait until the woman is pumping vaginal muscles, if you can enter the back of a narrow passage?

Also, these two holes differ in the structureInner surface. For this reason, during the standard sex-time pleasure is only on the "entrance", and with the anal partner gets pleasure, just moving along the entire length of the rectum.

For someone, the undoubted advantage will be that,That the ejaculation occurs exactly inward, which allows you not to interrupt the sweet sensations at their peak. In addition, there is no risk that the partner after this will become pregnant.

It is clear that according to the physiological reasonal sex is not inferior to the classical. But still the love for this kind of pleasure is much deeper - at the psychological level.

Psychological view of the situation

The psychological component of the anal vidasseksa provides a man full of emotional and spiritual satisfaction.

If a woman decides to have anal sex,It is perceived by a man as a symbol of a higher level of trust. This is like a new stage in the relationship and an additional confirmation that the partner is ready much for the sake of his beloved.

But to decide on an anal experiment in bed with a man is considered a sign of strong affection for a woman. He loves, and therefore every cell of her body.

In addition, some representatives of the male fieldRegard anal sex as power over a woman. Of course, in a certain city the man will be dominant in this case, but it is worth thinking about as a sadism, as sadism. Anal games can be painful for women, at the same time as for a partner it can be a pleasure to deliver to their "victim" pain. You need to be on the alert.

There is such a variety of males as"Anal dandians." For them, it will be pleasant not so much the process itself, as the woman's persuasion to agree to such a very brave act. It is clear that as soon as the goal is achieved, another conquered female ass will lose value for them. And they will go looking for a new "beloved".

Another psychological reason lies in aesthetic pleasure. For men, the rear view also delivers visual pleasure.

Well, finally, anal sex - a good way to take an intimate life for those who have long been in a pair and satiated withstandard postures.

What will the enemy answer?

Lovers anal in the modern world, of course,Much more than those who are against it. But no less interesting and useful will be information on why some still do not accept sexual intercourse.

A role has also been played herePsychological causes. People, so to speak, the "old temper" are unlikely to go to such love experiments. It is not surprising when a few years ago all this was considered a degeneration to the highest degree.

Negative side of anal sex is,that the partner can experience unpleasant sensations during the entry. Of course, the female anal opening is one of the erogenous zones, but unlike the vagina it requires additional lubrication. Pain can be reduced with the help of special lubricants bought in a pharmacy, sex shop or an ordinary children's cream.

And, perhaps, the most unpleasant discoveryfor lovers of anal entertainment will be the fact that the rectum, like any other internal environment of the body is teeming with microbes and may well be a testing ground for the spread of sexual diseases. All these moments can be avoided, using the elementary means of protection. But there are hardly any people who will exchange the opportunity to feel how the internal muscles of a woman grab their trunk, precautions in the form of pulling on a condom.

Particularly squeamish, too, is unlikely to "stick" in such a place, because the guarantee that the partner is properly prepared for channel copulation and the man will pull his "friend" clean, is minimal.

All these, even small, but not very pleasant, details can be avoided, following the following tips. And then lovers can appreciate the beauty of anal sex.

Forget about the problems. How?

Elementary rules of hygiene will allowprotect yourself from ridiculous situations, especially girls who do not want their lover suddenly found traces of excrement on his farm. About how it is possible to clean the rectum, there are many articles on the Internet. The most common method with an enema with warm water. Trying to do everything with your own hands - the way is also not bad, but extremely strange and uncomfortable.

The second point is to take care of men.In order not to deliver a beloved painful sensation, it is better to acquire a special lubricant beforehand. Above we mentioned where you can buy lubricants. In the conditionspreparedness is to use at least a regular cream.

And the last tip: do not forget about protection!Of course, if a couple has a long record of relationships, complete trust and strong health on medical indicators, you can take such a risk. All the rest are strictly recommended to wear a condom.

Remember that excluding from the intimate life of small troubles, the partners will be able to truly appreciate the relationship in any of their manifestations and receive from this physical and spiritual satisfaction.

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