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Psychology of male behavior in dealing with women

However, do not rush to discard what you are notAgree. Maybe you can discover a new point of view on such an object of interest to women. After all, if you learn to better understand the feelings, thoughts and behavior of men, then thanks to such a deep understanding, you can communicate more easily with representatives of the opposite sex and perhaps achieve greater success in the men you meet.

How does a man become, his character andBehavior, largely depends on the education that he received. At present, from the first days of life, the boy is ruled and led by women. This is the mother, teachers, teachers in the school, who often refer to women half of humanity. In addition to teachers in school, the boy communicates with classmates. Remember your school years: at that time you and other girls grew up before your classmates, they were better grasped by what was said in the lessons. All this could be unnoticed for you by male pride.

Gradually growing up, the young man begins to rebel, inIncluding against women. But at the same time he continues to treat them with respect, love, and strive for meetings with the Beautiful Lady. This contradictory attitude towards women and the fragility of the male "I" is manifested in the behavior of adult men in the following:
  • He believes in his uniqueness.
  • He would like to marry that woman who understands and feels his unusual and unique.
  • He likes to be praised and admired. He does not like criticism, but he is ready to listen to it in his address.
  • He has a mask that he wears out of the house, and which has differences with his true face.
  • He in many respects perceives the superiority of other men over himself and often thinks about it.
  • He likes to talk about himself and listen when they talk about him.
But still most men - even those whoUsually behave like "severe", strong in spirit - they dream of tenderness, women's care and would like to be a little pampered. In the shower a man always remains a child; Especially he needs a gentle female attention, when he falls ill or experiences difficult moments of his life.

The process of marriage is a special pleasure forMen do not cause, however, most of them think about family life with joyful hope, and most likely, in the soul they will prefer her bachelor. In the end, the man will want to have children. Someone will have it earlier, someone later. In general, men are prone to romance. Although they like to laugh at the television series and films about love, but there is hardly a man who does not dream of finding his "half" to get her stars from heaven. Contrary to popular belief, men fall in love faster than women. They tend to meet more often, start communicating with a woman, driven by the desire to find their love. In addition, men more women tend to idealize the one they love. But they also have to play a more active role in love, perhaps overcome more obstacles, and this requires a lot of strength, which men derive from the attractiveness of the ideal. With romanticism they have a strongly developed sense of ownership, thanks to which, when this feeling is directed at a girlfriend or wife, a man is ready to spend a lot of energy to keep his beloved. Due to the creative nature of men, any of them, most likely, is able to believe in miracles.

So, let's sum up:
  • Most men have a fragile "I", which they protect, protect and often hide.
  • Men at heart are always waiting for women's care.
  • Most men, despite the harsh masks that they wear, are very romantic.

Of course, a person is always complicated. Therefore, these results speak only of the most common masculine traits. However, it is worth remembering about such a device of male psychology. Try to consider the specific behavior of the man you are interested in in order to understand what unique and common features of the male personality he manifests. Such a deep approach to acquaintance with it will certainly bring its rich fruits. If you decide in advance to look at your acquaintance with an interest in his personality, then you will feel his soul open to meet you.

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