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The secret of the life success of women of "Balzac" age

As surveys show, both young and mature ladies,And men believe that the "Balzac" age is fraught with a lot of positive moments, not yielding to anything young. Young girls and women prefer this age for many reasons and would like to reach it as soon as possible.

According to sociological data, the majorityOf respondents believe that it is at the age of "slightly over 40" that a woman finds her true self, feeling herself a full-fledged representative of the fair sex, her personality blooms, her creative potential and vital energy reaches its peak. At this age, a woman is fully aware of her dignity and disadvantages and can skillfully operate on them, she acquires vital wisdom, intuition is strengthened. A woman feels mature both psychologically and spiritually. It becomes more independent and independent, there is an ability to take care of yourself.

According to this study, at a mature ageThe top of the career, the growth of competence and the general level of knowledge. Interests become wider and more stable, the necessary social experience is already accumulated, which allows the woman herself to make a choice in many spheres of life, including her personal. This is the period when, for the second time, a woman has a chance to find herself and realize her inner potential.

The woman already has a "foundation", on the basis of whichYou can start another life if necessary. There is "everything" for life: work, family, housing. A mature woman, as a rule, is more emotionally stable, rational, less neurotic, possesses a more subtle and precise approach to everything. She has the beauty of a mature woman, charm, she has already formed her own style. To all this adds also the fact that a woman of "Balzac" age still has a lot of time to use these advantages and achieve success in life.

But still a woman at this age can, despiteOn his life experience, feel not the full exhaustion of his personal potential, his unrealized. Getting into such a trap, quite natural for this age period, a woman often experiences a feeling of abandonment, a fear of loneliness.

This crisis aggravates this crisisAge stereotype of the "fall" in the price of a mature woman in the eyes of a man, while the "price" of a man of this age in the perception of a woman is growing. In this psychological situation, a woman can go in one of the following ways:
  • "Young person": a woman refuses to recognize the maturity that has come, tries to be young, to return time, creating for herself the illusion of a "second youth".
  • "Fading star": this woman thinks that the best years of her life have already passed - figuratively speaking, "puts a cross on herself": "Let the fire of life fade away," she thinks.
  • "Victim": Faced with the crisis of middle-aged, such a woman sees the way out in order to abandon herself, her "I" and her interests, her mission she sees in being engaged only in children and grandchildren.
  • Realist: Adequately looks at life, finds its age quite worthy and interesting. She wants to receive from life everything that is possible at this age and what she did not manage to achieve earlier - in younger years.
So what is the secret of the success of a mature woman? Psychologists looking for an answer to this deep question recommend first of all to "neutralize" the defeatist position and take the path of creating their own life success.

The first key to success is almost all psychologistsCall self-esteem. Self-esteem - in part there is a program of life and its purpose. If you think that you do not deserve happiness, then you will not take any steps to achieve a happy life. And vice versa.

The next step is the selection of achievable goals. It is established that a person achieves success and is psychologically attuned to the successful implementation of those goals that will not be too heavy for him or too easy. You choose the psychological role of the "winner" if your goals are intermediate for you. If the goal is too easy - you initially set it to avoid failure, and not win. If it is too difficult for you, you are initially set for defeat.

But often our lives make their own adjustments to theOur goals. Apparently, in order for us to reach the success we are looking for, our goals should be slightly higher than what we can really achieve. So a person who wants to swim a river to get to a certain place on the opposite shore, floats not directly to the desired point, but to another displaced landmark. But since the current carries it, it falls exactly where it wanted to.

According to many psychologists, it is very important forWomen, especially in adulthood, develop the habit of actively and vigorously responding to problems and threats and constantly, whatever happens, stay focused on the chosen goal. Take a thoughtful position in all life situations. Act confidently and decisively in the event of problematic situations, react to difficulties without dodging, avoiding them and not explaining the possible next failure by destiny, and fight, overcome and remove obstacles vigorously and intelligently, focusing on your own strengths and abilities.

Interviewing the successful in all areasOf the life of women, psychologists have found one common, characteristic for them, without exception, optimism, the ability to see the prospect even in a seemingly "dead end" situation. In their opinion, they succeeded in life because they got into vital uncertain situations and chose the path of self-improvement, self-development, they looked at the situation as if it made them develop and grow, and not despair and drop their hands.

And the last important key to success: According to psychologists, in order to succeed, you need to determine for yourself the key areas of self-realization. Each person does not have much - no more than ten, but they must be clearly understood. This is especially important for a middle-aged woman, when a sharp turn takes place in her life. A lot depends on how you can build plans for further life and how you can understand what is really important right now.

So, belief in yourself, in the possibility of success;High enough, but real goals for you; The ability to rejoice in difficult moments and confidence in what is most important for you now - let all this not leave you, and the success in life is guaranteed to you at any age.
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