/ How do men feel about cunnilingus?

How do men feel about cunnilingus?

How are the representatives of the strong sexrefused to cunnilingus?

One authoritative male edition conducted a survey,The purpose of which was to find out the ratio of men to cunnilingus. More than a thousand people took part in the survey. According to the results obtained, 93% of men are cunnilingus quite normal, periodically delivering pleasure to their partners. It is worth noting that 61% of men like to do this, and 32% agree to oral sex only in order to do well with their partner, and only if the intimate zone is completely missing the hair, or at least there is an intimate haircut. It turns out that only 7% of members of the stronger sex are categorically against cunnilingus, considering it a disgusting and unworthy of real men.

The most interesting thing is that many people in different waysPerceive blowjob and cunnilingus. Blowjob for most muzhchin is an indispensable and integral part of sexual relations. Whatever it is, as soon as possible, men want to force women to do minet.Malo, if a partner refuses a blowjob, this causes a man a great insult, which often leads to even parting.

Cunnilingus is a very intimate thing. A woman who does not even have a lot of experience in oral sex, all the same, can make a man nice, because the very fact of this delivers pleasure. If a man is not experienced enough in this issue, the fastest, oral sex will be unsuccessful. Yes, and women themselves rarely allow the unfamiliar men to do cunnilingus. This is possible only when there is a sense of trust in the partner. As for men, they want to persuade women to blowjob as soon as possible.

Why do some men love cunnilingus and others do not? Let's try to understand this important issue.

Why men do cunnilingus:

  • Men like this.Perhaps, it is hard for someone to believe in this, but some men experience a real pleasure and lust for otkunnilingusa. Often it's not even that the man wants to do nicely to his chosen one. Firstly, a man likes a woman to trust him. This strengthens the sense of self-confidence. Secondly, some men are so excited by the smell of a woman that they are able to experience even more satisfaction from cunnilingus than the partner herself.
  • Desire to gain access to the body.Many women are not indifferent to cunnilingus, and experienced men know this. The reason is, of course, selfish enough, but some representatives of the strong sex to get hold of a woman are ready to resort to such little tricks.
  • The desire to deliver a woman a pleasure. It is good that among the stronger sex there are still altruistic altruists who are ready to make their partner pleasantly simple, without demanding anything in return. Of course, a woman who was lucky to meet such a man should appreciate this approach to herself, because over time a man can change his attitude without seeing a response.
  • A man gets a kind of excited woman and full awareness that this is his achievement. 73% of the men surveyed believe so.
  • So it is accepted. Some men do cunnilingus in automatic mode. They believe that this should be so, without even thinking about how much the woman likes it.
  • The desire to diversify the sexual relationship. Indeed, ordinary sex with time bored, I want to try something different. In this case, the occupation of oral sex will be an excellent way to bring a twist to the sexual life of the couple.

Why do men refuse to do cunnilingus?

Unfortunately, some men do not like itrefuse to do cunnilingus to their chosen ones, believing that this is awful, immoral and disgusting. Such representatives of the stronger sex are simply complex, have sex in standard poses and when the light is off. What kind of oral sex is here ?!

But there are those men who love blowjob, oftenare engaged in oral sex, but cunnilingus is denied in general. It turns out that men consider this a humiliation of their dignity. Such arguments are just an excuse. Otherwise, it would be possible to assert sovereignty that blowjob degrades female dignity.

Some representatives of the strong field simply do not know how to make cunnilingus. The man does not want to study, because he wants to look experienced and self-confident, refusing to recognize his own impotence.

The maximum, which can be hoped for, is oral caresses, the duration of which does not exceed several minutes. Next, a man embarks on traditional vaginal sex.

There are still men who do not make cunnilingus,because they think that women still do not experience the satisfaction of sex. At the same time, most men simply refuse to acknowledge that the cause of women's dissatisfaction and insensitivity are themselves, because they do not want to try or simply can not deliver women the real pleasure.

Let's sum up the results

If you try to make a conclusion, you cansay that men who lead a normal sex life and want to get full pleasure from sex, do not see anything terrible in cunnilingus, but on the contrary, they even like it. In any case, no squeamishness. The same men who are categorically against cunnilingus, clearly play, thereby showing their vulnerability and impotence. And remember, there should be nothing forbidden in sex. The main thing is that the desires of the partners coincide!

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