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Why is it worth trying anal sex?

Most likely, many will be embarrassed if you askThem, when they were last engaged in ... yes, anal sex. For some, this is simply unthinkable, others are afraid to try, others will admit. However, all the charm of such sex is reduced to getting something new, unusual, real.

The charm of anal sex

Do not trust your prejudices aboutAnal sex, until you ... do not try it on yourself. But right away I want to say that it's not possible to surrender to a person to whom you completely distrust your body. We must love and want our partner to decide on this.

What good can you find in this lesson?

Firstly, it must be said that anal sexVery rare even among technicians who practice it. Therefore, he will never get bored. This is a kind of delicacy of intimate relationships between partners. But check it and even ... check - you can enjoy it, and want it even more ... especially in fantasies! At least if everything is done correctly and correctly, there will be a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable sensations.

Secondly, anal sex is the moment thatRequires full trust to the partner. If about ordinary sex, even to say it's not embarrassing to someone-top-sided and to paint in intimate details, then you can only talk about anal sex to a loved one whom you love, and he loves you. Be sure that if you talk about this kind of affection in your relationship, then you are a very good pair in all senses. Once again: anal sex is the peak of mutual trust.

Thirdly, increased pleasure and pleasure. During such sex, receptors and nerve endings, located in the rectum, are involved. And this often means that you can get even more pleasure from stimulating them. In addition, the erogenous zones of the person are able to easily divide the excitement between the vagina and the anus, which actually doubles the number of orgasms. The orgasm received during such coition is very different from the usual for the better, causing incredible enthusiasm. Very often women (and even men, but this is another topic), who have problems with getting orgasm during vaginal sex, successfully solve them at the same time Impact on such zones.

Fourth. Anal sex - it's convenient. Here we will talk about two aspects:

  1. Physical comfort. It so happened that the ass is very close to the vagina. Therefore, there are no particular difficulties in choosing the posture: in some cases, the poses are even greater.
  2. Independence of the time factor andMenstrual cycle, as well as various intimate problems. Unlike usual anal sex, you can always do it, if only serious problems that need to be treated by the proctologist do not interfere with this.

Fifthly. Anal sex is a beautiful contraceptive. For many couples, the issue of preventing an unwanted pregnancy remains open and the risk of an exacerbation dulls the sensation and reduces the ability to enjoy the process of sensations. When you take this kind of pleasure, you do not have to worry about negotiation. Questions like "but suddenly flow?" Should bother the least, because:

  1. Hygiene says that you need to have anal sex in a condom (to avoid infection and infection).
  2. If you still decided to have sex withoutProtection and get pleasure from the fact that the partner in you "finished", then the bacteria that can get into trouble, where they should go, are afraid. Ejaculation in the rectum is incapable of causing pregnancy. Your task is only to carefully remove the penis after the "eruption".

At sixth. Anal sex is an excellent way to diversify sex life. The longer the partners are screwed, the better they know each other. And this entails some problems caused by monotony in bed. These guys do not practice anal sex. And when they, entering a new phase of intimate relations, decide on this action, satisfaction and fresh emotions are paramedic. The rarity of its use allows each time again for the first time to feel this already forgotten state and to refresh the memory and body of sensation and thought.

Seventh, independence of feelings from the sizeGenital organs. It's no secret that the size of the female vagina and male penis can be very different from the ideal ratio. Thanks to a special device of the rectum, the ass easily finds a common language with a member of a giant or dwarf, and the man remains nothing, just like enjoying the elasticity and perfect tightening of the ass of one's own person. The fact is that the main erogenous zones are located at the "entrance" to the buttress, so that the phrase "size matters" loses its meaning: both will be satisfied.

Eighth, a new orgasm. Here we will talk about men. Probably, there is no one who does not hear that different kinds of manipulation in the anus in a man can bring him to orgasm. And it does not matter how the man himself is. If your man does not particularly resist, you can safely use it! Stimulation of the anus during a blowjob unequivocally will he! And if it comes to sex toys for him, where you play a major role, the limit of your sexuality and emancipation can not see the boundaries!

Obesity of anal sex or can sex be harmful?

I think everyone will agree what harm can be likeExcessive sex, and its lack. The same applies to anal sex, but in this case, the drawback lies precisely in not feeling, not trying a new one, forbidding yourself to have fun.

And the harmfulness of this type of sex is divided intoTwo groups: real and imaginary. To the imaginary or conditional can be attributed harm to morality and the psyche (here it is everyone's business how to treat this), physiology (like "anus is not for this," remember oral sex ...). Opinions like "anal sex is dirty" or "likens a person to an animal "Too, will not be rolled for a thinking person with a more or less wide scope of vision of the situation.

The real dangers are also treated asPhysiological, and moral, the difference is only in andobsinovanii. As for physiology, then it is understandable: there is a chance to start ksebe in the body of pathogens (especially for men), possibly getting air into the urinary system (which is very bad), besides the risk of injury is seriously increased. To mental hazards can be attributed serious or excessive hobby of anal sex, a distraction from traditional sex, the possibility of causing conflict in the relationship, which certainly has a negative impact on a healthy worldview.


Completely safe anal sex can not be,This is unambiguous. However, all kinds of sex can not be so. Competent sexual intercourse includes many subtleties of inuences, without which the acquisition of pleasure can turn into raking up problems, conflicts and healing of wounds. With the right approach to the situation, anal sex can bring a huge share of pleasure and provide a satisfaction (together with other species) in an intimate life.

Therefore, dear readers, choose yourself, give yourself prejudice or beloved man.

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