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Horoscope for a ram, born in the year of the tiger

Love and Sex

From May 21 to May 30. Love continues to be for the ram the most important sphere of life, now you live it. On May 23 and 24, your excessive emotionality threatens to turn into unfair claims to the elect. The best way out is patience and patience. May 25 and May 26 intimacy will help relieve tension. The remaining days of the decade will pass smoothly. From 1 to 10 June. June 2-3, there may be contradictions between the need to pay attention to a loved one and the need for freedom and independence, try to maintain a balance. Preference still should be given to the partner, although you really want to spend time with friends. On June, 5th, you will be in love with the darling and dedicate this day of love. June 6, you can be unrestrained in communication, be more careful! From 11 to 21 June. Starting from this decade, the personal interests of the ram will be replaced from the sphere of love relations towards work. June 11, as horoscope astrologers advise for the ram, born in the year of the tiger, you should watch what and how you say, including with your loved one. A wonderful day for love and a meeting-June 15. To avoid a conflict on June 19, do not insist too much on your leadership. June 21 is a good day for settling disputes and reconciliation.

Romantic date. Try to make your meeting very cheerful. You can read a funny book together or watch a comedy.

A family

This month, attention and assistance will be requiredRelatives of the ram - brothers, sisters, etc. The communication will go smoothly on May 30, and on June 3 it is better not to get in touch with anyone. You will need expenses for the maintenance of the house and family, but these expenses will bring you pleasure, since they will help make your nest more cozy. Harmonious day - May 25, it can be dedicated to the arrangement of the house. May 30, get rid of everything unnecessary in the house. June 13 and 14 are a difficult period in mutual understanding, try not to quarrel with your parents. June 15, certainly talk to the children.


Short trips, during which the AriesWill be able to communicate with different people - the best holiday for you. June 11 is better not to use transport and reduce communication to a minimum. An alternative is to read a good book for self-education. To start a long journey, it will fit on 28 or 29 May. June 5 is very useful to spend alone.

Place of power. Aries as an active sign needs recharging from the same active source. So, if your chosen one is engaged in sports or a passionate fan, make him a company - and you will feel a powerful burst of energy.

Work and Money

The income this month is quite stable, but youYou can earn more if you use communication and communication with different people. This is a good time for journalists, marketers, representatives of intellectual professions. Personal life of rams and communication with friends can be distracting from work. You should keep the emotions under control, and then on May 21-22 you will cope with all the difficulties and overcome the routine. May 30-31 may be changes in professional and career matters. From June 1, the situation will improve.

Buying a month. A beautiful blanket in your bedroom and a bouquet of dried flowers for ikebana.

Your Favorites Aries

Love. In the first half of the month your darling will devote a lot of time to love - that's how he realizes himself as a person. May 23-24 refrain from clarifying the relationship. In the second half of the month it will become very independent, at times even "explosive", it will be difficult to communicate with the rams, be patient.

Tone. May 21-22 are ideal for starting health activities for a ram. In principle, his state of health is excellent, but prevention is never a hindrance. On May 25-26, intimate intimacy will help to gain strength. June 4-5 it is useful for him to be alone, to sleep more and not to think about business.

Finance. The pledge of financial success this month for the ram is intensive business communication and good information in business. In money matters it is better to listen to yourself and not pay attention to the advice of friends, they can be confusing. For financial risk fit 25-26 May.

Job. There will be a lot of work, and because he will cope with the tasks set, his further advancement on the career ladder will depend. From June 7, a favorable period will begin, when the results of your work will be immediately visible.

Friends. Continues a period in life for a horoscope for a ram, born in the year of the tiger, when it is not necessary to focus on communicating with friends and especially not take their advice too seriously. Confrontation with friends will be especially pronounced in early June. Problems in mutual understanding will not be with Leo, it is more difficult with Cancer.

Leisure. All his free time Aries will use to get new information, self-education, communication with new people. Very good, if you can ride with him around the neighborhood or get to the next city.

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