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Have you really grown old?

The authors of the study did not bother themselves muchDescription of age-related changes in the body, as practicing doctors and gerontologists are engaged in this. But they noted such well-known signs as hair loss on the head (alas, with age, many hair turns thin), and at the same time, their intense growth in the ears, nose and eyebrows. By the way, ears also become larger with age. Sharpness of movements disappears, while gaining acceleration, a lot of time passes. Begin to break down joints, but the trouble is also in the other - you start to talk more about these and other "sores". Because of fears of sudden rheumatic complications, avoid lifting weights. Begins to fail memory, even the names of relatives and friends are forgotten.

Eighty percent of the adult populationBelieves that a person is exactly as old as he feels. Researchers interviewed over two thousand citizens, but no one was able to determine the age limit when you were yesterday "young," and tomorrow - already "old." 76 percent of respondents are not going to change their way of life drastically due to the increase in the number of years passed (no one turns the language to call it aging) and they intend to continue living as long as possible. Most of all they were worried about the problems of memory impairment (56 percent), emerging diseases (54 percent) and physical deterioration of the body itself (54 percent). With age, more money is spent on the acquisition of rejuvenating cosmetics for the face. Interestingly, now they are more willing to part with money for the purchase of furniture or something else for the house, and the night "outings" to the city for adventure remain in the past. Noisy pubs start to irritate, you already prefer to sit at home behind puzzles and crossword puzzles. From a couple of sherry glasses you will not refuse, although you can fall asleep after a glass of wine. Sleep generally acts as a traitor to the "age". Already I want to sleep an hour after dinner, and our beloved TV now sleeps better than any sleeping pills. As a result, you do not know the names of modern musical groups and the more so, there is no sense in asking you about songs from the TOP-10 over the past week. You like to watch different road shows with rare cars, the television itself this week seemed to you too littered with unsuccessful programs ("there's nothing to see!"). The new technique is simply unclear. And even on the radio, you switched to listening to Radio 2 programs by changing your favorite radio 1 (for reference: in the UK, Radio 1 is a station that transmits modern music, and Radio 2 is music for adults).

The head of research noted that aging -This is a natural process, and we are forced to recognize the physical and behavioral changes in ourselves as we grow older. We can not begin the day without a cup of coffee or sweet tea. Constantly, small everyday things like keys, wallet disappear, and we find them in the most unexpected places. The glasses are now just worn around the neck. There is a keen interest in weather forecasts to know what to go out into the street. Yes, and clothes or shoes we begin to choose more comfortable in the sock than stylish and fashionable. All this is not a cause for frustration, but when you go to visit a friend and take home slippers with you, then we can assume that the aging process has already hooked you. Despite such problems, which, in fact, are not problems at all, many call their lives after fifty years the best years.
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