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Wedding in the style of retro

In order to organize a holiday in styleRetro, it is necessary to understand what in general represents this direction. In the explanatory dictionary it is written that retro is a term describing the category of antiques that have long since emerged from everyday use, having some value and rarely used in modern life.

Wedding dresses
In the XXI century, strangely enough, many designersInspired fashion 20-30-ies of the last century. Therefore, the bride will not be difficult to choose an outfit to match herself, because in almost every collection of famous masters there are vintage dresses. Pplat'e can be sewn and made to order, guided by its boundless imagination. However, the full spirit of the past era is not only in the dress, but in other small details. For example, it can be a train to the floor or a beautiful hat in the style of Marlene Dietrich.

In the men's wardrobe are dominated by tuxedos orVintage suit. But the usual suit is also suitable, the "troika", again competently supplemented with accessories. It can be a watch on a chain, cufflinks, a monocle or a cigar, and also something else.

After choosing a suit, be sure to warnFriends, so that their costumes were selected for the style of the newlyweds. You can do it in specially designed invitation cards, indicating that the wedding celebration will be quite unusual.

What wedding without guests? You can call and invite them orally. But suddenly someone will forget? It is much more reliable to send out invitations.

Invitations are like a wedding dress, and itIt must be designed according to the subject matter. As a postcard can serve as a joint picture of a young couple, processed by special filters - artificially aged, as if this photo card has been for many years. In addition to the photo, you can select and detached images, for example, the city view in the last century or a gram-record, you can even make an invitation in the form of a beautiful letter from the past.

If the wedding will be attended by a largeNumber of guests, it is best to contact the printing house. And if only the closest relatives are invited, they will be very pleased to receive invitations made by themselves. Then the appearance will be limited only by your imagination. It can be both cards, and made from paper crafts, and the cut out text on a piece of wood.

Musical accompaniment
What a feast without music? A normal DJ, working in a nightclub, here is hardly suitable. It's best to tackle this issue yourself, listen and select the right songs. For example, in the 20-ies of the last century, the foxtrot was popular. To create a full-scale atmosphere, you can try to find a rare gramophone. But if it did not work, do not worry, modern technology will always help out.

The first dance of the newlyweds - oh, how they wait for himnative! For him, picking up music can be difficult. But the help comes exciting and exciting tango, pay attention to the romances performed by Utesov.

Wedding trivia
Wedding in retro style is very difficult to imagineWithout an appropriate retro car or a long retro limousine. For a wedding walk in the summer months, you can order a boat, pre-awarding ladies with beautiful lace umbrellas that will protect them from the sun. During this walk, the photographer will be able to make a huge number of beautiful photographs.

Whatever it was, any wedding, and even more soThematic, requires great effort and careful preparation. Do not give up the help of loved ones. You should also listen to the advice that professionals will tell you. Then everything will be wonderful and everyone will be satisfied!
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