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Safe and comfortable sex outside bed

Sex on the floor
Perhaps, this is the most innocuous place of all kindsSex in an "unusual" place. Of course, it will be best if there is a carpet or carpet on the floor. But even through the carpet you can feel the hardness of the floor. During sexual intercourse, the partner can very nicely squeeze you into the floor and later bruises appear in these places. So it's better to pre-bed the mattress or to control your emotions and not squeeze into the floor.

Sex on the table
The main disadvantage is that the table is notIt is always empty. Therefore, during sex you can pile objects that were on the table. If you have sex in the office on your desktop, then you will have to collect very long papers and other accessories. And if in a fit of insane passion on the floor computer or phone, then this can result in a serious breakdown of technology. And if by this you are engaged in a nakuhonnom table, then you can break the cups and God forbid to cut yourself.

Sex in the Bathroom
Doing "this" on the bathroom floor is not usuallyIt is convenient and you have to settle somewhere between the plumbing and the door. Entering into excitement, you can strike for something about something. There are people who like to climb together under the shower, but this may also not be very comfortable: more often in the bathroom it is difficult and difficult to perform sharp movements. So you have to control yourself during the whole sexual intercourse.

Sex in the toilet
Many people get this place. Usually such places are used by pairs of corporative parties. At home, the toilet is not a good place to have sex, and as a rule, only extreme lovers choose it. The main thing is not to hit your head on the toilet and forget about the preliminary caresses, you have to set yourself up for quick sex.

Sex in a public place
This can be done on the staircase or in theTrain - so to speak, the traditional "sex" for teenagers, in the car, in the store room, setting up in the park ... In a word, these are places where you can be seen at any moment. By the way, some extremals just excite such places, they are wound up with the fact that they can be seen. So if you suddenly offer you a partner to do this on a bench in the park, you will have to decide whether to agree or not. And of course, sex in the entrance, in the car or in the park on the bench is not too convenient. But if you are fans of extreme sex, then of course, you will receive a huge mass of positive emotions.

Outdoor sex
You can do "this" on the beach, in the forest orHiding somewhere in the park. The risk is that you can see, but by the way, it is much smaller than in the previous case. But you can very easily catch a cold, do not forget that any insect can bite you at any moment. In general, sexual intercourse in nature is possible only in the warm period of time. Many people like to have sex in the water. In this case it is desirable to choose shallow water, otherwise during orgasm you can go under the water.

Sex on the train
It seems that this means of transportation is veryA romantic place to have sex: the movement of the train, the knocking of the wheels. In this there are, like the pluses, and the negative aspects. Pros - this is the night outside the window, the clatter of wheels ... Minus - these are the noisy neighbors who walk back and forth. There are reviews of people who have experienced it on their own. Imagine: a long-distance train (from Piter drove to Sochi), a reserved car, impenetrable darkness outside the window ... The guys did it all very simply: they hung two blankets from the top shelf, which were completely covered to completely close the lower shelf. True, the neighbors were slightly dumbfounded when, at the moment of orgasm, she simply restrained herself from a voluptuous sigh.

Sex in the bath
On the one hand, the place well pushes toSexual intercourse, and on the other hand, orgasm during hovering is very much stressful on the heart. Especially when your weight is far from ideal, and if you smoke and drink alcohol in addition, all this can end badly. Experiments in sex either are, or they are not.

Another very important point - sex in "unusualPlaces "often happens spontaneously, and people forget about precautions. That's why, if there is a chance, that it comes to sex, then be sure to bring condoms with you. If you did not have anything with you, then it is better to give up sex and caress.

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