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The guy says that I do not understand him.

The girl does not appreciate the actions of a guy

Men often say that womenThey do not notice what they are doing for them. In fact, it is. The fact is that many of the actions of the guys seem to the girls the most ordinary and nothing undetectable. But this is completely wrong. For example, very often we decide how to look better. Of course, no one will argue with the fact that most women have better developed taste and style than men. But for men the main criterion in choosing clothes and hair is only one thing - convenience. A vindam always need to suit properly sitting. As a result, men humble themselves and dress like we tell them. And women do not understand what young people are going to be on. They are uncomfortable, they are uncomfortable and they suffer, but suffer. And when the girl once again declares that the guy does not try for her at all, the man becomes offended, and he says in his heart that his beloved does not understand him at all. Indeed, men have their own fetishes, which we will never understand. For example, a girl can ask a young man to shave off a beard, which he has been carrying for several years, arguing his request by the fact that it spoils him. Ida does not think about the fact that a guy loves this beard, that he is comfortable with her, that he likes it and part with a beard - it's to part with a part of yourself.

Therefore, when a man says that you are hisDo not understand, think about what he did for you. Remember all the little things. Perhaps, it is in them and lies its insult. Perhaps your misunderstanding is that you do not praise him for such small things that seem small to you, but are important for him on an almost universal scale.


Male and female hobbies, often,Are radically different. That is why, it is very difficult for us, women, to understand how it is possible, for example, to spend hours at the computer after work. We begin to show that the man does not care that he is more important than some games, than a beloved woman. In fact, this is not so. Just guys and girls use different ways to relax. For example, if a lady came tired of work, she wants to sit with a nice arm around the couch in front of the TV and talk for hours about mastering problems. This is not surprising, since most women feel the need for tenderness and to speak out if something has happened. Men are different. If they come tired or irritated, then they sit down at the computer just because they want to throw out their aggression not on you, but on the mobs in the game. If they were insulted and humiliated, then they compensate for this by winning the virtual world, becoming heroes, so they get calmer. Therefore, if your guy says that you do not understand his hobby, so it is. Try to accept the fact that guys need to rest and relax not like girls. There is much more spirit of rivalry and aggression in them. Therefore, if a man plays games, goes hunting and fishing, goes to football, does not need to look at him as if he were a fool, and even more so, publicly condemn his hobby. Otherwise, to the soil misunderstanding in it will develop anger and resentment against you.

Incomprehension of the romantic romance

It often happens that women consider theirMen are unromantic. They constantly complain to their girlfriends that the guys do not do anything or make everything out of the squad. It seems to us that men simply do not like men, because what else explanation can find female logic for such behavior. In fact, often this is not the case. Guys sincerely love their halves, but the majority completely repulsed sense of romance. They sincerely try to think of something, but it all looks either silly or funny. Men try to guess the hints, but they understand them wrongly or not at all. As a result, women complain that their guys are insensitive, they suffer from misunderstanding. If in your situation, conflicts often arise precisely because the guy is unromantic, it means, most likely, his accusations of misunderstanding relate to this. In fact, every romantic act that they do is given with great difficulty. Ito, which seems primitive and ridiculous to us, is a great achievement for them. Of course, there are real romantics with which girls constantly compare their loved ones. But such men are in the minority. And if you do not love romance, do not try to turn it into an ideal romantic act. You do not need to look at him almost with contempt, when he again bought you yellow rather than white chrysanthemums and forgot what color your favorite is: scarlet or coral. The male brain is designed in such a way that it is simply not able to remember such information, even if the man tries. So if you do not understand what a guy does for you special, and he just boils, when you tell him about it, analyze his actions. Perhaps the young man rummaged through the Internet to find ways to romance the time and sincerely tried to do everything as it is written, but you, considered his actions insincere or even declare that the man wants to pay off from you. If you understand that the fastest, so it is, then try not to criticize a man and sincerely try every attempt. And if you want everything to be your way, say it directly. Yes, for women it looks abnormal, but men perceive it as understanding. They are also happy to do something for us, Davot only never guess how to act properly.


Well, the last thing to remember isEmotions. If you think that a man does not like you, he does not talk much about feelings, something hides from you, you constantly talk about it to him, and he repeats: "You do not understand me," so that's it. A woman needs to understand and accept the fact that most men do not like much and often talk about love. They show their feelings through actions, not words. And they do not like to spread the mastering problems. It becomes easier for women when they negotiate the situation a hundred times, even without finding any solution. And men think rationally: if a person can not help, then why should he talk about problems. Especially, if this is an affable woman. Therefore, if your guy is silent, then, on the contrary, he loves you very much and protects you from life's misfortunes.

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