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Male and female jealousy

The consequences, as life shows, are also absolutelydifferent. People say: "Jealous - it means he loves." But in fact, jealousy has nothing to do with a real love. She goes along with absolutely different feelings: insecurity in all, different fears (real and not so) and a sense of ownership. Next, we will try to consider the male and female jealousy separately, to identify the sources of jealousy in each individual case and the possible consequences.

Women's jealousy

Women's jealousy was, is and will be. For example, I have never met women who would never have untested this feeling. Just some of him skillfully disguise. Female jealousy expresses itself in fear of losing attention from the one whom the woman, in fact, is jealous. Or lose not only attention, but also the man himself. She is afraid that her place will be taken by another. That is, women are jealous of another woman's specific woman. This is the first difference between male and female jealousy.

The second difference is that the women's jealousyCan live inside and accumulate over the years. In this case, a woman will terrorize her man with attacks and assumptions about possible treason. For more determined actions because of this very jealousy, a woman is hardly capable.

Women's jealousy is terrible for a woman,And for another woman (to which they are jealous of a man), but for men it only costs a few minutes (hours, days) of aggressive attacks and, possibly, threats. Before action, the case, as already mentioned, usually does not reach.

More women have a habit to compete with the past. Any memories of the past, photographs, things will lead the woman into a frenzy. And if a man still gives these memories a meaning, telling how he was good, then the woman's rage will come out of the limits of the reasonable.

Male jealousy

Here everything is simpler and more understandable.A man is jealous of his woman when she flirts openly with others, takes signs of attention from others, wears too bright make-up and provocative clothes. In the event that she is interested in anything else more than the man himself. It can be not only another "male", but also her work, hobbies, hobbies. That is, in the case of male jealousy, it is, rather, an over-inflated sense of ownership.

Man shows his jealousy openly, violently and very emotionally. Can create in anger, anything. As a rule, male anger pours out on the woman herself, less often on the one to whom he was jealous.

There is an opinion that men are not so jealous,As women. But if a man still feels his senses, then he himself has a "stigma in the gun." This, of course, is debatable, but, as they say, "there is no smoke without fire."

Get rid of jealousy

The main question is coming up - how to cope withFeelings of jealousy? The main way to get rid of all-consuming nature is trust between a man and a woman. If it is, then no riches are not terrible. Of course, it can originate somewhere in the depths of the soul, but the same kind of approach to considering a situation that made you jealous, can help. The only question is that men, as less emotional representatives of humanity, can overcome the desire to express their dissatisfaction with the partner, to consider the situation near and decide whether it is worth jealous at all. Women are inclined to immediatelyexploit all emotions and burn bridges, not having understood the situation. Perhaps, there is no one to be jealous of, but any suspicion that has crept into the female soul causes a storm of negative emotions and stopping it is not so easy.

So, in order to get rid of jealousy it is necessary:

  • Fully trust the partner is the basis of any relationship, so talk to each other, tell us about your feelings, fears, find out all the problems and start your relationship with a "clean slate";
  • Try to get rid of the feeling of fear: the fear of losing a partner and staying alone, the fear of expressing your feelings openly and expressing thoughts;
  • Fight with self-doubt. It is she who makes a man in a complex, and, as is known, all-inclusive psychological problems are born from complexes.

With jealousy you can and need to fight, or else sheCan destroy not only your family and the relationship of a loved person, but also your life. Consequences arising on the basis of jealousy are the most diverse. We all remember Othello ...

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