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Women who "besyat" men ...

Women who "besyat" men ...
Ironically, most men are negativeRelate to a woman who smokes. As if sexually in the philistine sense of not looked like a woman with a smoking thin cigarette in her hand, it does not make a good impression on men.

And, the majority of men, so sharply responding to a woman with a "smoke", themselves adherents of this destructive habit.

Apparently, all the "delights" of tobacco life (bad smell from the mouth, yellow plaque on the teeth, yellow skin of fingers, etc.) are projected by them to a smoking woman with doubled strength.

In fact, psychologists explain thisReaction men, based on their subconscious understanding of the female essence, and the creature, called by nature to carry beauty and health, leaves on their psyche a deep scar with its lit cigarette.

In infuriating men come from women whoShow that haughty behavior towards them. Why "ostensibly"? Because the majority of women do not agree with the interpretation of their behavior in a concrete situation as haughty, and for a man it will be so.

Subjectivity in relations and simply in communication of the opposite sex puts barriers in mutual understanding, as a result, the slumbering volcano of irritation explodes with negative emotions.

But nevertheless there are women, obviously showing a certain line of behavior towards men. They are usually called "bastards".

Most men, the so-called "bitch"Derive from outrage. Of course, we are not talking about the external manifestation of this definition, the modern bards are usually called not only grumpy, intolerant creations, but, rather, successful, business, sleek women, always confident in their own right and not making compromises.

A woman with all the signs of the muzhskogo behavior, of course, disbalances the "collided" with the neemuzhchinu.

Another category of modern women, annoying muzhchin - is a female leader, female head.

Ironically, women who are unable to stand up, dropping their hands at the first failure, just as annoying modern men as their antipodes - bitch.

Some men are furious ifSuddenly realize that a woman is trying to "remake" them. It is understandable, the loss of control for men is a critical situation, and pretend and play along with most of the representatives of the male sex is considered mildly inappropriate.

Here are the main signs of a woman, capable of causing irritation in a man.
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