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The sexiest women's professions

Believe me, men have an eye swept, they are even underuniform in a state to see female sexuality. It should be noted that the male criteria for sexual attraction are significantly different from the female evaluation. If the representatives of the fair sex under sexuality mean the sum of all factors, including the level of income, professional quality (how a man keeps among his colleagues, whether he possesses leadership qualities that undoubtedly attracts most women), then men rely more on external qualities. So, having interrogated thirteen thousand unmarried muzhchin, researchers have received the following result. Recall that all of them asked only one thing: "Which of the female professions do you find most attractive?"

Female Manager

Among the "most-most" was a womanprofession as a leader. As it turned out, some men are attracted by the dominant women who are able to take matters into their own hands. But most of the representatives of the strongest half of humanity explained their choice by the fact that women who occupy the leading positions, just know what they want, they know how to restrain their emotions and do not fall into hysterics. They achieved in life everything they wanted and with them much easier in all plans. And men, as you know, do not really like the difficulties of their relations. In addition, to achieve such a lady will not be easy, but the complexity of the males just does liking.


Who would doubt that the list of sexyprofessions will be "girlfriends cover." But we can not help saying that despite the prevailing opinion, girls engaged in fashion are attractive and sexy, men would not be in a hurry to tie with them. Sixty-five percent of the respondents said that exhausting diets, long sessions, constant training for girls in this profession often scared male representatives.


Hollywood beauties and even our domesticprima certainly attract men. But even here representatives of the strong half of humanity made a remark, saying the actress - it's great, but on the screen. To divide his beauty from millions of worshipers would be decided alone. Therefore, the actresses remain the cherished dream, a kind of ideal that a beloved girl must match. If to speak simplewords the men would like to see in their beds a personal one, but only to Angelina Jolie.

Female architect

Men who view sexualityDeeper than just a cute appearance, they prefer intellectual professions, which, of course, include the specialty "architect." Strong half-humanism considers this profession to be reliable, and such work can be chosen by women, on whom one can rely in relationships.

The teacher

Another subject of sexual fantasies is the image of a teacher. They are sociable, educated and intelligent, but they are not built by siblings who do not like children, they will not build serious relationships.

Female Lawyer

All women can defend and blame, we have itin blood. But here it is professionally and successfully given to not every representative of the beautiful sex. Resourcefulness, quick reaction, intelligence and a special sense of mind - that's what many men consider sexual in women lawyers.


Girls in white coats attracted men always. They are clean, smart, because of their chosen profession they are highly moral. Transparent dressing gowns and the ability to cure any ailment make them almost the most sought-after mistresses. It's hard to resist your dream of seeing your girl in a short white dress, regardless of profession, almost every man.


Such women are sociable, because of their professionthey can find a common language with any person. They have a tongue, wide outlook, versatile interests. They are easy to climb, they can quickly adapt in a strange environment and are not trying to try everything new.


Among the sexiest professions"Air" specialty. Morning in Paris, and dinner in Madrid ... Who does not want to have such a romantic nature with him. It is also important that a stately, beautiful and intelligent girl can take on the position of stewardess, whose task is to serve the client in full. This principle of selection completely coincides with the principle of the choice of men partners for sex.


To choose this profession none of the girlshurry, and here and in vain. A smiling and charming waitress attracts men no less than a stewardess or a nurse. Neat piercing, sociability, attractiveness, the ability to raise the mood only by their presence is the main weapon of every girl who is engaged in the public catering sphere. Many men in choosing a place for a coffee break are guided by the fact that a cup of hot drink will be brought by a pretty waitress.


Attractiveness of girls in this professionis due to two reasons. The first is the possibility of establishing a service romance, the second is to dominate the object of your desire, because the secretary is in the subordination of his boss. Of great importance is a strict and moderately candid dress code for secretaries. For a long time this profession was considered to be frivolous and even embarrassing, the sexual background lies in the stereotype that each chief sleeps with his secretary. And although today in this position, educated and responsible girls are being denied, the stereotype has not been completely overcome. In addition, just as in the case of stewardesses, the secretary is not ugly, the witch is in fact the face of the company.

Fitness instructor

She is attractive precisely because of her profession. A girl who daily makes people slim and beautiful, and she herself must be an example for imitation. Knowing that in the hall you are waited by the charming slender beauty, it's a cactus not to go in for sports? Some men even build themselves out of themselves as a jerk, but a beautiful coach in the face of a stunning girl turned their attention to them, especially since the fair sex representative will correct and correct inaccuracies, giving the man special attention.

Each girl is attractive in her own way. Even if you do not belong to one of the above occupations, this does not mean that your sex is not strong enough. Believe me, women have a large arsenal of words, thanks to which they can seduce a man.

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